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  1. I think that one of the main mistakes of novice artists is uncertainty and lack of intentions. When there is no specific goal and task, it is very difficult to start developing successfully and quickly. And almost all people want to get results right here and now. And such a novice artist tries to do one thing, then another, sprays, does not come to any result and often abandons what he started.

    Another thing is if he decides that, for example, he really likes how portraits written in watercolors look and wants to learn the same way. And now he already has a goal and tasks that need to be solved. Here it is easier to find the right teachers, suitable materials, useful video tutorials and courses in order to make your desire a reality. And a novice artist will only have to devote time to drawing and learning, hone their skills and learn to complete what they started to the end (which is very important).

  2. In any serious business, beginners often make a number of mistakes. For example, artists make the following mistakes::

    1. All attention is paid to one detail. Only one detail is drawn carefully, and the rest of the picture is completed carelessly.

    2. Too much haste.

    A high tempo is good, but you need to know the measure!

    1. Halfway – there is no way to pass! Many people leave unfinished work that could become potentially talented.

    2. Bad content. Much depends not only on the master, but also on the quality of the equipment used.

  3. I think the main mistake is not believing in your own talent and strength. Take it and draw, experience will come, develop your view of the world, do not be afraid of anything.

    Show everyone how you see the world, how beautiful the world is.

  4. The main mistake arises from not understanding who the artist is, what he does, and what a work of art is.

    Novice “artists” have a lot of styriotypes and misconceptions.

  5. I think that their main mistake is trying to skip the training stage and start drawing people and various other objects right away, without knowledge of anatomy. You need to learn thoughtfully, gradually, and not be afraid to make mistakes.

  6. you need to go through the basics, draw a cube and a cylinder hundreds of times, HUNDREDS of TIMES. And when it really starts to work out, you can draw everything! Do not draw portraits, but finish off the cube and cylinder in all the turns and you will be happy. And this is not a joke.

  7. The main mistake of novice artists is that they don't believe their eyes. That is, when trying to draw, they don't draw exactly what the eyes see. Still in a hurry, perhaps trying to prove that they can!

  8. To go beyond the boundaries of amateur attitudes and copying the world around you, you need an accomplished teacher who has learned about painting in its historical development. And on the basis of this skill and training in it, you can reach the level of your personal development and formation as an artist, as a person. Before that, I myself spent 10 years wandering around and poking at all the doors and walls, until I stopped dead, realizing that I couldn't move any further and had to leave my favorite activity.

  9. The main mistake is to listen to other people's advice and try to please everyone. And lack of confidence in the choice of style. And so-work, work and work!!!

  10. fear and uncertainty and most importantly work on mistakes and without narcissism happens well it turned out tame your pride and go on I'm 73 a jeweler now I'm studying painting on the Internet

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