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  1. This book makes a lot of sense for those who believe in the existence of Heaven and Hell/ For those who believe in rebirth; for those who have become imbued with the world of Carlos Castaneda.[ I should note that his books say that there is no God. If you consider how some people perceive God,then this statement is true. As an example, I will cite Gorky's grandparents. The former had a good God,the latter an evil One. They transferred their personalities to the abstract, impersonal. And that's their mistake.]

    For this group of readers, this book is very interesting because it describes the world order( from their point of view).

    For atheists, the “Divine Comedy” is something like a myth,a beautiful and beautiful work. This group of readers was able to find a number of moral and philosophical problems. Among them, ” a person's awareness of his immorality and ascent to a moral life.”

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