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  1. R-Studio is the best data recovery prog I've ever seen.

    But it will not help if the files were overwritten over which is very likely when triple reinstalling Windows. Why so – it takes a long time to describe the theory of data recovery.

    Therefore, just take my word for it: If you can't restore data at home with it(with a physically working hard drive) – in the conditions of data recovery offices, they will also not be able to do this. (exception: dead hard drive controller board — but that's another story)

  2. I recommend contacting the programming guys. I have a good friend who has been doing this for a long time, including information processing, sector partitioning, and working with Big Date. It doesn't charge much for such work, it restores absolutely everything, even what you just might have cached somewhere. I mean, this method is efficient, reliable, and low-cost. And if it doesn't help-Rec Recuva, R-studio (not for an amateur, of course, but you can figure it out), File File Scavenger and others. It's amazing that you sent me a question by mailing list, because just recently I got into such a problem and turned to a friend)

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