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  1. An announcement in the psychiatrist's office: “Dear patients, we strongly ask you not to exchange symptoms and prescriptions: this makes it difficult for the doctor to work.”

    On the other hand, the more fools will spend their time on the wheels recommended by a big mind, the easier it will be for the rest of us to live.

  2. Ceraxon helps me on the recommendation of a neurologist. Indeed, brain activity increases. improves your memory. Does not overcome drowsiness. Even motor reactions noticeably improve, coordination of movements.

  3. Phenotropil is the most powerful nootropic for boosting brain activity, but it is available on prescription, like most nootropics. From over-the-counter drugs to increase brain activity, drugs from the ginkgo biloba plant are used: ginkum, bilobil, tanakan. The time-tested grandfather picamilon tablet also works well in injections. More prescribed at the moment mexidol tablets and ampoules also have a place to be.

  4. Memory Rise, an Artlife dietary supplement. It is so good that it was not even re-released, although the drug is quite old. Cons : all artlife drugs are expensive

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