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  1. I can identify special vehicles (ambulance, police, fire department) by the sound of the siren.
    I didn't study on purpose, but at a certain point in my life I realized that I always learn correctly.

  2. I can literally crush you with my intellect. Pile up your sentences with a bunch of complex and clever words, while maintaining the meaning and using everything correctly and on topic. A phrase like “from the point of view of banal erudition…”(and then everyone knows) I can make up for one or two.

  3. get the tongue to the adenoids( what is behind the nose is in the throat) + the presence of the adenoids themselves( most of them disappear by the age of 16)

    I can also manage my dreams, but not always in 4 out of 10 cases

  4. When I hear people talking in a language I don't recognize at the airport, at the next table in a cafe, or in line at a store, I immediately start listening and try to guess what language it is. The face is absent, the mouth is open. Perhaps my behavior is sometimes noticeable and somewhat impolite, but I can't help it.

    Yes, I usually identify the language correctly.

  5. I can move my little fingers on my feet separately from all the other fingers, and I want to develop this ability on all the other toes. While it was possible to do this with large ones, the average ones do not lend themselves in any way. I don't know what I'm going to do with this supernavigator. I can fold my tongue in half inside out, but I can't roll it up at all.

  6. I�know how�to choose�the�compelling arguments,�proving�my�absolute�superiority �over�opponent,�when�conversation�already�ended and�continued�it�anyone�not�wonder�not�need�often�impossible…Груст Sad,�right?…

    A smile! � � �Good luck!

    1. I can clap very loudly

    2. I win everyone at peekaboo

    3. I can make pigeon sounds

    I've only just realized how talented I am (and so is everyone else).

  7. As a child, I discovered the ability to sneeze with my eyes open. Friends were very surprised because of the huge amount of information on the network that this is impossible

  8. I can reach the tip of my nose with my tongue. When they ask me to surprise them in the company, I show them exactly this. After doing it, they look like a jerk :DDDDDDD

  9. The only thing I can do is crunch my fingers loudly and a lot,curl my tongue into a tube.

    I have to fill in these 140 characters, so I'll tell you that I love the color green and all its shades. I'm also a pizza fan.

  10. I can pull my arm out of the shoulder joint. Sometimes the output is accompanied by a special effect in the form of squelching sounds. This is of no use, however, for particularly squeamish characters, this ability can cause attacks of “phew stop” and ” God, what an abomination!” with appropriate facial expressions and intonation, which can be very funny
    ヽ (◉ ◡ ◔) ノ

  11. I know how to turn my thumb in the opposite direction, or rather, it does so involuntarily, so I show the”Super” sign very absurdly

    I can dance with my eyebrows, I can really quickly move them alternately or even make a wave.

  12. I can only bend the last phalanges of my straightened fingers. It looks intimidating 🙂

    And since childhood, I noticed that I can see the world as if in two dimensions; I seem to turn the room / street in my head about 90 degrees and some landscapes look a little more comfortable for me than others. To understand this, imagine that your room, which has its window facing north, is facing west.

  13. I can whistle with my mouth closed. Although if you open it, it gets louder. It's funny when I let out a soft whistle and no one can understand what that sound is or where it's coming from. But I don't know how to whistle properly.�

    Ah, well, I'm moving my ears.

  14. I can crunch my left hand joint, and I'm also moved almost to tears by the names of seeds, such as eggplant “negritenok”, radish-daikon “Sasha”, cucumber “malyshok”, or spinach “burly”, my God, I'm even now ready to cry with emotion.

  15. I can make the eyeballs start twitching quickly from side to side. It also turns out with the eyes closed, it looks as if the eyeballs are spinning under the eyelids. The reaction is different, someone is surprised, someone in shock curses me (mostly the older generation). I see how everything is washed away, as if the vision is bad (the vision itself is very good). I tried to do this while under the influence of something, it's very sticky. I've met people who can do that, too.

  16. I can grab objects with my feet and move them around. I can even hold a brush with my toes and use it. I can also drink water and talk through gaps in my teeth. And still hear the mouse squeak in the distance, even when the TV is very high volume. In addition, I can remember what happened more than 10 years ago as if it happened yesterday. I can experience the strongest emotions and feelings, but I hear the question – ” Why do you talk like a robot?”. I don't know what's useful about all this.

  17. On my 13th birthday, I discovered the gift of bending only the first phalanx of my fingers. It looks funny, makes the kids laugh in the queues, and makes every other person try to bend their fingers the same way. No practical application of this ability has yet been discovered, but I'm working on it!

  18. Oh, yes, this is for me, thank you, otherwise I thought no one would ask
    Ahem, I don't expect to surprise anyone, but my useless skill set includes;
    1. The ability to move your ears, not only both at once, but also separately�
    2. Ability to make a sound similar to the purring of a cat(on exhalation)
    3. Ability to make small bubbles on the tip of your tongue and blow them out (budget soap bubbles)
    4. I can crunch the joint that connects my hand and forearm infinitely many times
    5. Here it will be difficult to explain, but as strange as it may sound, I have a very (very, very) small hole that connects the nasal sinuses and the oral cavity, (in the center of the sky) through which, with due effort, you can drive air, making sounds that could be described as a mixture of whistling and not the most revealing bird song (yes, I was at the doctor – not fatal)
    �6. Not to say that this is a useless skill, but, with the modern way of life, it is extremely difficult to find a use for it
    I can hold my breath underwater for 3 minutes and 50 seconds (personal best as of 02.08.2017)

    Such cases

  19. My ability is that I can control electricity all over my body. It sounds cool, but in fact it only allows you to move something light and exclusively under a plastic hood. It also puts some of the brain's responsibilities on me. So I can accidentally cause myself severe headaches or spasms, and I often get severely electrocuted by the railings on the stairs.
    And now about my strange muscles. On the press, the top two cubes fused together and moved somewhere up. Now it's impossible for me to break through the sun, but the problem is that no one will do it. Also, due to the fact that I often slouch, a hump has formed on my back, but not because of the curvature of the spine, but because of the muscles that have grown on the point of bending. Now I can safely fall on my back.
    I can also bend my fingers in the opposite direction, move my ears, shake my eyes, separately control the little fingers of my feet, clumsily control my pulse, and I can also cry by increasing the pressure by yawning inside.

  20. 1) I can crunch my jaw just by moving it. Loud, very loud. I can play a tune with my jaw. This scares many people. Some people find it very disgusting. Someone admires and fades away, but asks not to repeat it in front of them again.�

    2) I burr. But I can pronounce the ” R ” with my mouth wide open. Absolutely useless, but fun.

    3) An ability that many people have, but my environment envies me. I can fall asleep very quickly. I sleep whenever I can. So I lay down, closed my eyes, and bye. I think this is a very useful skill.�

    4) Once, due to an illness, I almost lost my hearing for a while (fortunately, everything is fine now), and therefore my vision and sense of smell became more acute. I can see very well in the distance. I can brag about my sense of smell.�

    Well, and banal abilities: I move my ears; I grab things with my toes, while moving them from place to place as if with my hands (I don't consider it an ability, but it's useful in everyday life).

  21. I can squint with my eye(one is in place,the other goes in the other direction), crunch with everything I can(back, neck, fingers,toes, knees)move my ears, I can bend the tip of my finger on my left hand, I also hold a pen in a strange way, a habit,what to say.

  22. With my 100% vision, I can temporarily worsen it (the image is very blurry at the same time). Moreover, in order to maintain it in a” degraded state”, it is necessary to make some efforts. Well, thanks to this, I can see well in glasses for people with vision up to – 5 (the worse the eyesight of the owner of glasses, the harder it will be for me to focus).�

    But to be honest, I'm not sure if this is a unique ability… My mother, for example, also knows how to do this. But other people around me, I did not notice such skills)

  23. I can wrap my lashes around my eyelids 😅

    My cilia grow down and so it's easy for me to do it! I've never met anyone who can do this before.

  24. I can talk like a chipmunk without helium, imitate almost all animals, make undulating movements with my stomach (dent it with a wave inside :)) and move my neck in all directions.

    And in 90% of cases, I have a premonition that I will meet someone I know on the street.

  25. I can also move my ribs. Bend them one at a time or together) I've searched the whole Internet, I don't understand how it works)

    Well, I can also shake my eyes, wiggle my toes, my ears, and lift the corner of my lip. I also have a light reflex, which is when you look at a bright light and start sneezing

  26. I can squint two eyes, meaning they look at the nose. And one eye, the other remains in place. My friends laugh at me when I do this😂 but I'm used to it and consider it my highlight👌 🏻P. s useless highlight. I do not know if this is due to the fact that my left eye is NOT even zarochok�

  27. I can move my ears. Each one individually. I learned to bet after sitting in front of a mirror for 3 hours. �

    (I don't know how to write a detailed answer in 140 characters about this)

  28. It's a little annoying that there's no answer with an ability like mine. My weirdest thing is to bend my legs back a lot, they look like bows for shooting. It doesn't hurt me, and sometimes it's even comfortable when I'm tired of standing as usual. However, if this happens accidentally while walking, I can break my leg.

    I can touch my eye and not blink; move the wings of my nose; blink very quickly and rotate each eye separately; drink 0.5 gulps of water; wrap my hand around my spine through my stomach; quickly simultaneously and separately move the muscles of my chest; move the muscles (or whatever it is?) inside the ears to get rid of congestion; hear how blood flows inside a person by putting an ear to it; a couple of seconds before the sound, find out that the intercom will ring. I think I've forgotten something else, but that's probably enough.

  29. I can turn my tongue 180 degrees without using my hands and do all sorts of other perversions with it, such as roll it up in a tube or reach it up to the nose.�

    I'm also good at moving and controlling my little toes.

  30. once I had a broken nose, there was a hump, and if you move your finger nose in any direction, then there is a crunch, the same as when you crunch your finger

  31. I can put my little finger on my ring finger, but only on my left foot.�

    And a few more words, a couple more, you can still write something, so well, it's almost done, now everything is exactly right

  32. I can purr. That's just like a cat at all. Scotch knows where I got this superpower from. Help me type 140 characters. You are welcome. That's it, don't do it anymore

  33. I read the answers, and with each one that followed, I realized: damn, I'm not the only one. And then I felt very very very strange – a collection of “unique” abilities

    1) the thumb is bent in the opposite direction, on both hands. (There was a higher photo here)

    2) dislocate the shoulder joint (with both hands). Squishy-clicking sounds are present.

    3) I stick out my shoulder blades, they stick out from the back about 8 centimeters.

    4) very loud crunching/snapping of the neck. Sometimes louder than your fingers. I watch tutorials on pranks with plastic cups, behind my head with laughter.

    5) I move my ears. Separately by each person

    6) wave your eyebrows.

    7) on 8 fingers out of 10 I can bend the last phalanges (on my hands)

    8) I can click my penis like with my fingers. Lol

    Of the minuses – the thumbs often bend in the wrong direction during loads. A couple of times I scared my partner with the sound of a penis clicking during sex (if you bend it at a certain angle)

  34. I can move two toes on my right foot, even though the other toes are motionless. It's a completely useless skill, but it makes my dog laugh, and thank you for that.

  35. a question that still found me.

    squint only one eye, shoot saliva like a snake, create a pendulum between the nail phalanx and the remaining finger (only on two fingers, unfortunately), make movements with the right eyelid along the x-axis, let in and draw in saliva (sometimes about 30 cm), throw it on the forehead, etc. I am afraid of the day when the number of such abilities will outweigh the number of useful skills

  36. I can suck my own cock. It all started as a child. The ribs are all in place. Accidentally began to reach for the penis. Blow-ups with friends. No one can do that.

  37. As a child, I learned that I can reach the tip of my tongue to the tip of my nose. later I found out that this ridiculous and unsightly (and absolutely useless) super-need is due to the fact that my nose is too long: (

  38. At the age of 10, when my hearing was very poor, I learned to thoroughly read lips. This ability is not the most necessary, but I can watch movies without sound or subtitles.

  39. I can catch a plate with my right foot. Sometimes I practice.

    I would like to talk about this in one hundred and forty characters, but unfortunately it does not seem likely.

  40. I can move my ears, even as a child, my dad taught me for some reason=) This incomparable skill was never useful. I can also read diagonally and not understand half of it

  41. I can quickly clean up a cat's piss and throw its tray right in the right place from afar.

    UPD: Oh, I remembered! I can also crack my neck very loudly.


  42. I know how to hold a spoon on my nose. I wouldn't say it's a completely useless skill. In any boring situation, I can say- “I'll show you a trick” and everything becomes much more fun, and I look more stupid))).

  43. Very loudly, well, very loudly I click my fingers, I can “click” 20 people at the same time.I didn't hear anyone louder than myself,it really pisses many people off, but what can I do))) 0)

  44. I lift objects with my toes ( most likely this is even a necessary, but ridiculous ability ), I can move my ear, but I can't get the second one 🙁

    I roll up my tongue in a “tube”.

  45. I can repeat animal sounds, cackle like a chicken, whinny like a horse, and bark like a cupcake. It turns out very similar, friends laugh, cake))))))

  46. I can grunt a tune from Seven Nation Army.

    (Please provide a detailed answer to make it interesting to read. The answer must not be less than 140 characters long.)

  47. Oh, yes, my time has come. I skillfully draw the waves of a raging sea with folds of fat on my stomach, despite my rather thin build. In short, a reason for pride.

    1. I can move my ears.
    2. I can vibrate my pupils with great speed
    3. I can bend the little finger on my hand without bending the other fingers
    4. I don't have to enter into disputes on the Internet
  48. How do I explain it?…I shake the “brush” with relaxed fingers and when shaking it, they seem to ” clap “on the palm(very few people I have met who can do this)

  49. Change eye color with changes in mood, increased humidity in the environment. Raise an eyebrow, it's gotten to the point where I don't even notice how it rises in awkward situations anymore. Fencing with a broom.

  50. Oh, I can shout in a whisper! All my friends initially begged me to demonstrate this in disbelief, and then they laughed furiously. Well, I can also make the sound of SpongeBob's footsteps with my palms, yes.

  51. I can make my tongue look like a rose.�A classmate taught me when I was a child. Since then, this skill has never been useful. Except to frighten small children.

  52. I can stop my snoring nose with my upper lip. If something smells unpleasant, then this is a very useful skill. I don't know how rare this skill is, but I haven't met many such craftsmen.

  53. I can move my nose wings

    Raise the left eyebrow independently of the right one (I can't raise the right one alone: 3)

    just like the author of the top answer I can squint with one eye

  54. For example, I annoy people with the fact that I'm just in the same society with them; I live, here. I'm a professional at wasting my time. I can watch anime 24/7 or watch news in vk.

  55. Falling into an existential crisis

    Kicking x**

    Lie down for four hours and don't fall asleep�

    Constantly want to eat, but do not finish eating until the end�

    Forget the faces of those you like

  56. I can hold my nose with my upper lip when diving 🙂

    As a child, I often went to the pool, and somewhere around the age of 8 I got tired of pinching my nose with my fingers. It looks ridiculous, of course, but thank God that no one can see under the water 🙂

    I also know how to break out the joint of the thumb so that it looks unnatural. I hit the wall with the top of my fist, show my friends my “broken” finger, and feign horror. Reactions are priceless.

    And finally, I can increase the pulse rate by 20-35 at will. I'm already tired of trying to prove it to everyone, but the surprise of a person is worth it.

  57. I can bend my thumbs and reach up to my wrist. In my childhood, my dad joked that he had such a friend, with such a skill, I began to try, try and stretch the muscles of my hands so that I can also do this.:)))

    I can't sneeze less than 3 times.:))) If I'm going to sneeze, then at least 3 times. I can't do less. 🙂 Yes, by the way, and more rarely. Here are basically clearly three. :)))

    I can click loudly “like a horse”. So loud that some people can get their ears blocked. 🙂 But I can click quietly if necessary.:)

  58. I can move my lower eyelids. They move as if inside the eye and out. After that, the eyes,of course, get a little tired. I didn't find any more people like that,to be honest. Maybe someone else can do this?

  59. I curl my tongue into a tube, I can laugh noiselessly (but at the same time I choke),my eyebrows live their own life and during conversation, singing, etc.they can move all over my forehead involuntarily… It's scary, especially when I'm completely detached from the conversation and my eyes are completely blank. I remember the lyrics after the first or second listening session… It would be better if the poems were so memorable.

  60. I don't know if this can be considered an ability, since it doesn't really depend on me.
    I am one of those people in whom everything secret becomes clear. Sometimes people themselves blurt out something accidentally, but more often-the hidden thing is discovered completely by accident. Sometimes I go somewhere at the wrong time and see something that I shouldn't have, then I get the wrong message by mistake, then I see a document with important information, then third parties unknowingly tell me something incriminating, well, my girlfriends all the time “secretly” tell me something about mutual acquaintances (although this point is universal, I think)-something that I would gladly not know.

    The ability doesn't show up 100% of the time, but it's still too common.

  61. I practically sneeze every time I choke on something. As soon as something gets in the way of the respiratory tract, the body tries to help itself. And I remember exactly that it started no more than 2 years ago. Maybe one day it will save my life, who knows🙃

    1. I can make several different figures from the language, such as in pictures and not only)
    2. I can raise one eyebrow on both sides
    3. I can lift one side of my upper lip
    4. I can bend my thumb (as in the photo) and press it to the base of my hand (using the other hand, respectively)
    5. I can put my second toes on my thumbs)
    6. I can do a belly wave (horizontally)
  62. If you want, I'll play you a tune with my fingers and my jaw.
    Well, what would be clear is the ability to continuously click the joints of the little finger, thumbs on the right hand and foot, and the left mandibular joint. And independently, without affecting them with anything.

  63. I can tell the size of the most important organ by the smell of a man 👌 🏻 I don't know how it works, but damn it, the smell of a 10 cm riser is unmistakable 🙈

  64. It's not that it's ridiculous or unnecessary, just that I haven't found a proper use for it yet. I can practically summon Frisson with my will�everydayword.ru�, and I don't need to listen to music or watch something epic. All I have to do is take a deep breath, and in a second I get goosebumps. You can't do this more than once a minute, or the goosebumps get weaker. Sometimes it helps if something itches somewhere, but it is impossible to get there due to some circumstances.

  65. I can conditionally endlessly click (?) my shoulders: I raise my hands above my head and start moving my shoulders up and down, while the shoulder blade hits something, and there is a characteristic knock, and the spine rolls as if I am crunching it, like some fingers on my hands, if I lie on the floor, the sound is loud enough to be heard throughout the room.

    It's not the most pleasant activity, but I can do it a dozen times, and then it gets boring, and so do I. But it doesn't seem to change the nature of the crunch, so I can do it for a long time, if necessary.

    Also, I usually write in a fairly detailed way so that I don't add anything about 140 characters – this is already more useful.

  66. I can easily memorize questions related to the schedule or route of public transport. After traveling on a long-distance train, I usually memorize all the stops by heart, without making any effort. I remember all the stops of some commuter trains or surface urban transport. I can draw the entire map of the Moscow metro from memory with the names of stations, which is not completely useless. But without the MCC (ring road). This is due to the interest in transport and the fact that traveling on it is pleasant.

  67. I can move my knuckles without moving my fingers. I can do it all, I can do it alone, I can do it to the rhythm of the song. At the same time, the movement is not small, but very noticeable and pronounced. I don't know about the prevalence of this ability, but people are surprised.

  68. My abilities: sleep standing up on the bus; blow my nose without using my hands and go exactly where I want to go;mimic my cat;remember words that I don't know the meaning of.

  69. I can prochpokivat ear.�I'll explain in a moment.

    If you are flying in an airplane or diving to a depth, you will definitely feel pressure drops. Slight pain in blocked ears, funny sound. Usually in such cases, people hold their nose and “blow” hard into it, so that the pressure inside and outside the head is more or less equalized and the ears do not hurt. I can do this… by sheer force of will? I just click my ears and the pressure settles itself. My ears don't move, just a very soft click that can only be heard if you press your ear close to mine.�

    In fact, the ability is not so useless, it came in handy during diving and air travel

  70. So.

    • I can spit saliva from under my tongue like a snake.�

    • I can twist my tongue this way and that in different directions.�

    • I can lower my nostrils closer to my upper lip, thereby changing my facial features.
    • I can imitate the sound of droplets falling into water.�
    • I run quite fast to the top of the stairs, I competed with the elevator a couple of times.�
    • I can randomly sneeze and yawn. Not just to make a sound, but to feel all the sensations during sneezing and yawning, sometimes amuses.�
      Perhaps all)))
  71. When I'm at home, I comment on my every action in different foreign languages, think out loud, talk to myself, repeat quotes from movies, and sing songs. A little strange, but useful. Increases the skill of diction and perception of other languages

  72. But I can let out trickles/drool from under my tongue. Sometimes without palev I can spit on a friend like that. Plus who has the same useless ability.

  73. I can spread my toes wide, no worse than on my hands, my friends were always amused) In a fit of laughter, I can switch to hysterical at will, none of the nearby people can resist and pick up, it's ironic. Oh, yes, I can make myself vomit without foreign smells, pictures, or fingers in my mouth (my own are also optional). It seems to have succeeded in something, but there is nothing to be proud of 😀

  74. I can see the old wallpaper through the new ones, determine at a glance whether the bathroom ( my own) letters C and H are mixed up on the faucet vents, and tune the string of any musical instrument in the room ( once a month).

  75. I can “fart” my neck. Like many people, it's under the armpits, but I'm the one with the neck.

    Well, more banal things – squint one eye, write with your left hand, raise one eyebrow (I was born without these important skills, I studied specifically).

  76. I can reach my elbow with my tongue.

    And not to say that it is useless, I can show off this in front of friends/acquaintances, but, nevertheless, I try not to do it because it looks very stupid.

  77. I can scratch my eye, making loud squelching noises.

    I can scratch furiously in my sleep without waking up.

    I drink up to 4.5 liters of fluids a day because I want to (although my kidneys are healthy)

  78. I can move my ears together and separately, I can move my whole head of hair, I can move my nose wings up and down, I can move my toes separately,I can move my Adam's apple. It's fun)

  79. Half of the things listed here are never useless! Judge for yourself:

    -Like many people here, I can move my ears-it's cool fun for children;

    “Like many people here, I can lift objects off the floor with my toes. Friends, your prehensile fingers are a fighting skill!) Try pinching your opponent with your toes — judging by the reaction, this is much more painful than with your fingers);

    -I also have wildly mobile facial expressions — my eyebrows can twerk.

    In short, everything will come in handy in everyday life, guys.

  80. Hypersensitivity and therefore irritability to the smell, to the color of the ears-however, with age, slavaBogu falls and I can clean up after the cat without a gag reflex. On the presence of other people in the apartment-absolutely can not stay awake, nor focus on something if someone other than me and people Very close to me in the house. Therefore, I live alone with my cat and am happy with everything, sometimes even a computer is superfluous.

  81. I use the tram photo to determine the city, country, and decade 8 times out of 10. I don't even know how it happened. Of course, such things are not that impressive, even difficult to surprise – but still.

  82. the arms are arched to the other side in an arc. Most people are terrified or disgusted by it, and they beg to stop. And I didn't mean it on purpose, it's just like that. Cho they're all =

    But about uselessness. This ability turned out to be useful when I was reaching into the candy drawer for candy. you can not even turn around, the hand itself will take the desired trajectory =)

  83. I can squint with one eye. That is, the second one remains in place, and the first one lives its own life. A completely useless skill.�

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