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  1. As a student of Chinese, I can advise you not to take Chinese ( only if you are sure that you are ready to sit at home for 4 hours over hieroglyphs and spelling, in addition to studying at the university, learning a bunch of homonyms, then perhaps you should take this language, because it has a very beautiful and graceful grammar and structure and a special charm). It is also important to understand that a lot of people are learning Chinese today, and you don't have the prospect of knowing a rare language. However, this is the most widely spoken language in the world and perhaps there are some prospects with it.
    Regarding German, this is the best choice ( I have also been studying this language for 6 years now). The grammar is similar to Russian, but simpler. A lot of familiar English and Russian words. Nice phonetics. Regarding the prospects, it is worth understanding that there are many similar languages to German: Austrian ( different from German), Swedish (respectively, and Norwegian from part). German is spoken in Switzerland. In general, a very versatile language, with which you will have prospects in the future both with economics and with applied professions. In general, I highly recommend this language, so as not to worry about failure.
    As for French, it is more complex than the previous one in phonetic terms and for whom in grammatical terms. It is well suited for lawyers. You will talk on it in Canada, former African colonies (Tunisia, Morocco), Belgium, Switzerland. A promising area. It is worth considering this option as well as the previous one.
    Portuguese is hissing Spanish. You will speak it in Portugal and Brazil. Learn Spanish quickly with it. I think the simplest one presented. And it is worth saying, the rarest of all presented.
    I will say for myself that the language should be chosen out of your own interest. Think about what sound you like best, where you would like to work, and how much you are willing to work.
    I hope it helped a little.
    Good luck!

  2. German is the easiest, if you don't want to worry and learn the language just for the sake of a plus sign, then this is the best choice. Chinese is the most difficult language, and although it is also rarely used anywhere, however, the characters there often coincide with Japanese, and if you want to learn Japanese, it will be much easier than from scratch.

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