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  1. As a rule, “brain-breaking” films are made by specific directors, provoking them to study their filmography in search of an eternal high, but it remains in the first viewing (because then the author's knees become more or less clear, and it's impossible to break the brain twice).

    The first thing that comes to mind is “Inland Empire “(yes, Lynch seems to fall into any such list by default), which, like “Mulholland Drive”, still exists in the “movie about cinema” subgenre. Against their background, “Highway to Nowhere” and especially “Blue Velvet” seem rather simple films (although, of course, we are talking about the skill that arises in the process of meeting Lynch to build your own version of events – the film is still a multi-valued work).

    The second favorite is Satoshi Kon. again, thanks to the palm tree, “True Sadness” (and again “cinema about cinema”) left a more brain-breaking impression, although it would seem that “Paprika” is a story about traveling to other people's dreams in order to treat psychological illnesses (I love Paprika much more, but already marked”crystal clear strange movie”).

    Richard Kelly with his “Donnie Darko” is also a textbook example: time travel, the strange rabbit, talking about death. However, Kelly also has a real magnum opus, which is much more difficult to decode (DD is still more compact and simpler), “Tales of the South” is a kind of surreal newest testament with a deep immersion in literature and not only, but also the reality of the 2000s, which resonates in the satirical world of Kelly's future.

    Or Guy Maddin-a man who combined the aesthetics of silent films with dreams, repressed desires and other fantasies. His recent film “Forbidden Room ” is a perfect example of ironic psychoanalysis, where a detail of one film becomes an occasion for another-a memory, a dream, an unlived-in complex, and then Vulcan dreams something, and the mustache sends us back to the childhood of a minor character in someone's dream. Alternative options – “Brand on the brain” or “Keyhole”.

    the main new strange now is Shane Carruth, whose Primer is a detailed story about time travel (and there is a suspicion that not the most complex plot, if you read it using a fan-made scheme, produces a brain-breaking effect precisely because of the abundance of terms and calculations in the frame). Carruth didn't stop there – and shot another “Impurity”, also claiming to be a brain-breaker.

    well, it would be unfair not to name Polanski and Kubrick. The first, for example, made “The Tenant” – a film that turns out to be looped, that is, its beginning is both its end, and the opposite is true (presumably it can be watched on repeat). “The Lodger” also came to mind because in a number of “brain-dead” films, films about doppelgangers are often called films about doppelgangers that were shot under the influence of just Polanski (his “Rosemary's Baby” also does not give an unambiguous answer in the final, which leaves a characteristic feeling of dissatisfaction). A similar ambiguity is imbued with “Eyes Wide Shut”, where sexual fantasies merge with corporate conspiracy (the same Villeneuve shot “Enemy” clearly under the great influence of Kubrick).

  2. Alejandro Jodorowsky is a sacred mountain, for example. Although almost all of his other films (and books as well) are quite difficult to understand, it is still possible. At first glance, it looks like a set of just abstract frames with a missing plot, but it's there. For lovers of psychedelics and symbolism.

  3. “Time Patrol” 2014 with Ethan Hawke in the title role… When you try to reconstruct in your mind the line of causal development of the plot… associative hallucinations begin))))

  4. “Shamanka” in 1996. Don't watch this movie. I was warned by 10 people, so I turned a blind eye. The brain doesn't just break… She's eating it! With a spoon. Which he carries with him. And ready to fuck at any second in any place, even in some cemetery. Poor professor. Sorry for the spoilers.

  5. This is definitely the Enemy (2013) with Jack Gyllenhaal in the main role.A complex and strange film with a lot of riddles and innuendos.While I was looking, I thought that I would understand everything, but no)After watching it, I wanted to shoot myself in the head to forget it all and never remember it again.

  6. Dogville by Lars Von Trier. At first you don't understand what is happening, you can't get used to the theater environment, and then you are completely drawn in. Causes incredible negative emotions. I want to kill.

  7. I'm surprised they didn't mention Charlie Kaufman. It mentioned his screenwriting debut, ” Being John Malkovich.” He also wrote Adaptations and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. And his first directorial film, where no one restrained his imagination, “Synecdoche, New York”, takes your brain on a frisky troika somewhere in the blue distance.

    But this is from the point of view of the twist and coherence of the script. I, for example, have my brain taken out by films made so cool that I don't understand how they were made, how they managed to work so well. For example, “Citizen Kane” or “On the last breath”, or “Andrey Rublev”, something like that.

  8. Why didn't anyone call it “green elephant”?

    At the age of 16, it breaks the brain quite well

    Well, in general, for me, breaking films are those that shocked me. Negative or positive, but these are the ones after watching which I hang for a long time and can not fall out of impressions.

    From the last thing I watched – this is “love” 2015 (18+), it turned out to be a difficult film for me

    In general, there is a movie “triangle”. If you want to break the brain, then just watch it. My friend and I talked about it for a few more days, trying to find answers. It's just a mystery movie.

    And also “Lobster”, well, such

  9. I first came across brain-bending films about 9 years ago, after watching short films David Lynch. I still remember the scary-creepy song from the movie “ALPHABET”, or the wild screeching in “Seven puke seven times” (in the name of the film I can make a mistake, but it seems to be called something like that). This director has almost all the films with brain removal, with the exception, probably, of “Elephant Man”. I even liked this movie a little.

    I was also scrolling through a movie once Wedding vase, and begotten. But I couldn't watch them for more than 3 minutes. And I don't advise you, wild psychedelic

  10. For me, such a film was “Possessed” in 1981, dir. Andrzej Zulawski. When you watch this film, you feel contempt for the main character, because she behaves like a mentally ill person, compared to her husband, who recently arrived from a business trip. But then everything gets better. Murders, nervous breakdowns, scandals, conversations about a place in life and death, live acting and … God. Yes, yes, God played the most important role here! That's enough to drive anyone who even pretends to believe in him crazy. Well, the end is the most memorable)) To be honest, I couldn't think about the end properly for 2 days afterwards. All thoughts: “Did she really do this because of loneliness???”

  11. “The Enemy” – a picture by Dani Villeneuve with Jake Gyllenhaal. It has a rather specific ending, which is still unclear to me.

    “Mulholland Drive” is probably the greatest mockery of the audience.

    “Pi” is the debut film by Darren Aranofsky about the fact that our whole world is mathematics, even if we are talking about Torah and Kabbalah. Mysticism bordering on schizophrenia. A great movie with a great soundtrack.

  12. I can only remember one “Donnie Darko” – it was often called here before, but it still broke my brain, too. I watched it when I was 12 years old and at that time I had a great liking for Jake Gyllenhaal, which is probably why I watched the movie to the end. Then, after watching 3 hours, I couldn't understand how it all happened, whether this film was shot under drugs and what the point was.

    In general, it seems to me that in modern Russian cinema, or even since the 2000s, there are many films that can break the brain.

  13. “The Matrix” is especially the second film. I couldn't unravel the whole point until the end. They say that the fourth film will be released soon – we'll see…

    “Mr. Nobody” – apparently looked under the right mood, went for a week under the impression

  14. The Revolver (2005) by Guy Ritchie

    A great movie that you need to watch more than once to fully understand everything that is happening (or read relevant articles on the Internet). I liked that throughout the film there are hints of who is who, which in the end is known through a series of flashbacks.

  15. For me, the most incomprehensible, i.e. “Brain-breaking” is the director Terence Malik, I wanted to leave the cinema for the first time in my life, while watching the film “Tree of Life”, not because it was bad, but because I completely did not understand what many moments from the film were about. Later, I tried to dig in and watch his own movie “Knight of Cups”, and again the same rake, his films, for me, pretty much take out the brain.

  16. It is very strange that no one mentioned such a gorgeous picture as
    “fear and loathing in Las Vegas”. Because, �this is one of the most incomprehensible films ever made for me, им imho.

  17. Perfect Blue (Perfect blue/sadness).
    Full-length animated film by Satoshi Kon. It is based not on a manga, not a game, but on a novel by Japanese writer Yoshikazu Takeuchi.
    Genre: psychological thriller, drama, and horror.
    I really don't want to retell the plot of the film, because this is something that you need to feel completely and completely. The plot separates this one from all the others.�
    But in short: a girl, a Japanese pop idol, decides to go “higher” on the career ladder and become an actress. Fans of her choice are not very happy and begin to pursue her. In addition, her new job is not going very smoothly.�
    As a result, the actress, like the film itself, goes off the rails. The ending may not leave you with any questions, but I can say for sure that by the middle of the film, you will no longer understand what is happening on the screen. I advise you from the bottom of my heart, if you want to break your brain.

  18. It is strange that the movie “inappropriate person”was not mentioned. If you delve into it, you can even stay up at night, reasoning) A great movie, incomprehensible until the very end

  19. “Dear Hans, dear Peter” by Alexander Mindadze

    “Panic in the Village” by Stephane Aubier

    “Happy days” Alexey Balabanov

    Strelochnik�Jos Stelling

    “It”�Sergey Ovcharov (1989)

    “Gongofer” Bakhyt Kilibayev

    “You Who Live” by Roy Andersson

    Reality Dance by Alejandro Jodorowsky

    “Dust” Sergey Loban

  20. I want to tell you about a film that literally broke your brain. This is Michel Klefkorn's experimental short “All My Phone Numbers Are Drowned”. Throughout the film, we watch three models hike through Lagos, Nigeria. They just walk/ride/swim , while the residents are busy with their routine. There is.of course, one important detail – the models are wearing strange costumes(as in the photo).
    At first, everything that happened did not cause discomfort ,it was even interesting, but later I felt disgusted and nauseous. Moreover, his eyes and head ached. This was my first time doing this, so I didn't even get into the philosophy of this creation.�

  21. “Eraser Head” is the debut feature film by David Lynch in which you will find such charms as: a mutant sperm that comes out of the main character's mouth, an ugly girl who looks like Marilyn Monroe, who sings about “how beautiful everything is in Paradise”, crazy parents of the main character's beloved, etc. In addition, the film is shot on black-and-white film, thereby increasing its gloominess by over 9,000 times. And in general, when you watch “Eraser Head”, it seems as if you are watching not a movie, but someone's nightmare.

    I also want to mention the film “Begotten” (1990). Which not only took out my brain, but also made me put down a few bricks.

  22. I was very impressed by Julian Schnabel's film “The Spacesuit and the Butterfly”. A film about how a successful young man in an instant receives a blow of fate that is worse than death. He wasn't just able to take it (this punch) but also to create a masterpiece and thus perpetuate your name.

  23. As once, Mayakovsky broke my brain with his poem: “I immediately smeared the map of everyday life, Splashing paint from a glass, I showed the Slanting cheekbones of the ocean on a plate of jelly….This is exactly what David Lynch did with his movie Mulholland Drive.

    But you know, there are films that don't just break the brain, they tear the soul apart. Of these, I recently watched the “City of God”. But God is not there at all. There, a person's life is not worth anything, a child, it doesn't matter. Whoever is stronger is still alive. What gives the film the reality, I would even say the “realness” of everything around it? Non-professional actors who were recruited from the slums of Rio de Janeiro, and some of them (Alexandre Rodriguez for the role of Rocket) are even from the City of God itself.

    In general, the film is not for the faint of heart, and not for humanists.

  24. I recently watched the movie “the new testament”.. to say that he broke my brain is too much, the plot is banal for today's times, just a little sick.

    I even went to kinopoisk and found out the director's nameJaco van Dormel .

    I was deeply disgusted by this product of European “culture”, especially the role of Catherine Deneuve, who was once a national symbol and star.

    Perhaps I will recommend this film to people with a strong mind and a strong sexual orientation to understand the depth of the yawning abyss in front of us.

    The rest of you should never watch it!

  25. I watched many of the films mentioned here, but no one remembered “Stay“,2005. Gorgeous psychedelia with a brain-breaking story about how a guy told a psychologist that he decided to kill himself.

  26. I apologize in advance to the real experts of the film industry, but I can't help but make a small list of films that are slightly more famous than the previous pictures (I hope this will not be considered a bad idea).

    The Big Lebowski (1998) – because the plot and all its twists should not consist of nothing but cliches.
    Alien (1979) – the fact that in a horror film can frighten not only the screamers and the level of idiocy of the main characters, but also the general atmosphere and not only.
    Route 60 (2002) – what? I won't tell you – see for yourself.
    All-metal shell (1987) – one word: Vietnam.
    The Disgusting Eight (2015) – quality of sound and cinematography, acting ,and much more

    There are no movies here that make you feel like you've been hit on the head with a frying pan, and you won't be sitting around thinking for months, trying to put at least a picture of the plot together. These pictures break the brain in a different way – they completely raise the bar for the quality of consumed film material in your mind.

  27. Maybe I have a very simple brain and there is no difficulty in breaking it, but there are two films that come to mind first.

    1. Ushpizin (2004, Israel). A film with a fairly obvious ending, without any open endings, but according to my inner feelings – a very difficult picture to perceive. Even some kind of special shoot, or something. By the way, the film is about Orthodox Judaism, so if you want to watch it: it's better to at least read the description on kinopoisk and if you are not too lazy, then read about Sukkot.

    2. American History X (1998, USA). Well, it wasn't without an absolutely special ending. This film is both a laugh and a huge grief. In short, don't waste your time, go take a look:).

  28. I happened to watch the TV series “stay alive” here many years later and it broke my brain in terms of ” what's going on here, who is for whom,who is an enemy,a friend..And who are all these people and what is the meaning of everything, why turn it all out like this ” the evil one then went, killed so much time.

  29. Now I am no longer at the age that I am so much impressed by art, unfortunately.

    But more than 25 years ago, there was a powerful, literally physiological effect from 'The Doors'.Stone.

    A second comparable impression came from the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Despite the fact that T. Gilliam's work is perceived poorly- “Monty Python” and most of the other films are generally passed by, from “Land of Tides” disgusting feelings, just “fublya”. But ' Imaginarium … “I was shocked. The film was released about 8 years ago, I was in love then, and Froline and I watched it in the winter at a night viewing, like on Kurskaya Street. And all this together probably led me to an altered state of consciousness, which I still remember. Since then, the film has not been reviewed, I don't want to break the impression.

  30. “Donnie Darko” is definitely a very sophisticated film, but at the same time it looks very good and interesting. And “Being John Malkovich” is a very strange, atmospheric and critically underestimated film, I watched it 10 years ago and never reviewed it, although I was going to do it many times.

  31. About seven years ago, Mulholland Drive broke my brain mercilessly and thoroughly.

    Before that, I was not interested in cinema, and I had a very definite belief about films: cinema is a simple and clear finished story. But David Lynch didn't give a damn about such beliefs, and made a complicated surreal puzzle that simply shocked me. At first this movie made me angry, of course, and I decided that I had never seen more delirium in my life. But I couldn't get the conflicting thoughts of what I saw out of my head. And I reviewed it. Then I found David Lynch's 10 Tips for Understanding This Movie and watched it again.�
    And yes, Lynch is now my favorite director, whose films completely destroyed my brain. It remains to wait for the third season of “Twin Peaks”..


  32. “Entrance to the Void— is a film directed by Gaspard Noe about the journey between life and death. The director himself describes the film's genre as a “psychedelic melodrama”.

  33. Of course, “Time Patrol” with Ethan Hawke (2013).
    Not to be confused with where Van Damme played.
    And not only did it break your brain, but it also became a good meme and a reason for jokes in the company of friends.

  34. From the recent “Under the Cover of Night” by Tom Ford. All the incomprehensible, the whole plot developed in the end into one question-who needs a dead man?! Super!

  35. Guy Ritchie's revolver. I reviewed it 4 times, but I still didn't understand the plot until the end. It is as complex as it is brilliant. And not like the rest of his films.

  36. What movie broke your brain? transformers patamushta there ubivayut ludey neadnavo transformer nepomnu shtob kavota neubival I nemaguig more to endure

  37. Of the latter, this is Christopher Nolan's 2020 “Argument”. He always made not the most primitive films, but this one is quite confusing and complex.

    Constant time inversions and a very confusing plot. I think it will need to be reviewed several times. It is much more difficult to start other similar films.

  38. The butterfly effect, this film combines almost all genres: thriller, drama, fantasy. The film really breaks the brain.
    A revolver. A film with a very twisted plot, it may seem that some of the characters are not in the subject at all, but later everything becomes clear

  39. “Flight over the Cuckoo's Nest” made a stunning impression on me. There was nothing left of the Soviet consciousness, I realized that life must be learned anew

  40. There is one that I definitely recommend everyone to watch – “The Life of David Gale”.

    This is probably one of the best films about a person's struggle with the justice system. Wonderful Kevin Spacey with his game rivets to the screen from the beginning to the end. The finale of the picture fundamentally refutes all the previous narrative, forcing us to perceive what we saw in a completely different light.

  41. Cosmopolis with Robert Patisson!
    Very difficult to watch, almost all the action of the film takes place in a limousine…
    Rating on Kinopoisk – 4.71 �
    Sometimes you have thoughts to review it again and try to understand it 🙂

  42. As corny as it may sound, but…Lynch!Lynch!And Lynch again! Each of his works is designed to turn the brain inside out.An hour,two, three views and when the credits appear, the main question is: what was it? In my opinion, the most “brain – breaking” picture is “Inner Empire”.

  43. Mr. Nobody.At first, I was shocked and interested in its intricacies,but in the middle of the film I concluded that this was his main sin.Too complicated,too complicated, too long.In general, I did not master it

  44. From what I watched, I can recommend the movie “Remember”. Remember (Memento ) is an American psychological detective film directed by Christopher Nolan, based on his own script based on the short story “Memento Mori” . The main role was played by Guy Pearce.The main character, an insurance company investigator, is looking for the killer of his wife. His assignment is complicated by the fact that he suffers from a rare form of amnesia. He can't even remember fifteen minutes of his life, so he has to write notes and take photos for himself…

    Mud is a black tragicomedy directed by John S. Baird. The main character is a detective sergeant of the city of Edinburgh detective Police, seeking to get the vacant position of detective inspector. The boss assigns him to ” lead the investigation of the murder of a Japanese student in an underground passage.” In addition to the hero of the film, his colleagues in the detective police department also apply for the position of inspector.”He uses all possible means to eliminate his opponents, framing and humiliating them…”

    “Island of the Damned” is a detective thriller by Martin Scorsese.Two American bailiffs are sent to an island in Massachusetts to investigate the disappearance of a patient at a mental health clinic. As they “investigate,” they will have to face”a web of lies, a hurricane, and a deadly riot by the clinic's residents.

    The film, released in 2016 under the title “Arrival”, is an American science fiction film by Canadian director Denis Villeneuve.The unexpected appearance of unidentified flying objects in “different parts of the world “plunges the world”into awe. The intentions of the aliens not�clear�—�armed forces around the world are shown in�full combat readiness, and�best minds�of humanity trying to figure out how�to talk to�uninvited guests. Government appeals for�help to�linguist Louise banks�physics Jan�Donnelly to prevent a global catastrophe and�to find a common language with�aliens.

    I can also recommend the TV series “Black Mirror”. The series reflects the general concern for our modern world.�People�laid on�the altar of “Google” and�”Apple” and�worship them.�”Facebook”-algorithms know about�us more than�our own parents.Plasma TV, computer monitor, smartphone display—the black mirror of existence in the twenty-first century. The connection to�reality is changing….

    In addition, I can say that I've heard a lot about the TV series “Wild West World”, but I haven't watched it myself . From what I have heard, I can say that the series is really interesting and in its own way fascinates the viewer , and in its own way takes out the brain by the actions of the characters of the series and what is happening.

    I really liked each of the films and I will review each of them more than once , because these are , in my opinion, real masterpieces of cinema. Also worth mentioning are such films as Interstellar, Savagery, The Silence of the Lambs, Enemy, Exam and others

    I hope that I have answered your question and you will watch these films.
    P.S�this is my personal opinion and I'm talking about what I experienced after watching these movies

  45. Either a movie or a cartoon with a strange drawing on top of the film is called “Awakening of Life”. While watching it, my head began to boil, and after that I spent another week reading various articles with all sorts of interesting things that I took away from the film. The film really turned my mind in a different direction, so yes, I think it's the most brain-numbing film I've ever seen, even though I've watched Doni Darko, Revolver, and Mulholland Drive before, and then read the detailed reviews.

  46. The film “Dust”. It lasts 107 minutes. I watched it at night when I couldn't sleep. I felt kind of weird watching it. In the film, I liked the doctor's statement: “I would give anything for your stupid life. all your brilliant brains, your past, your memory.”

  47. Perhaps it was “Disappeared”. And besides, after I watched the movie, I almost immediately took up the book itself, which broke my brain no less. “Seven” also shocked, “Island of the Damned” confused with an unexpected ending. Fight Club might be able to do the same thing, but when you first read the book, the movie (although it's brilliant in one way or another, it's hard to argue with that) seems too simplistic.

  48. Why didn't anyone mention Christopher Nolan's “Remember”?

    It is quite difficult to understand the film, and there is no definite correct version of what is happening.

    I also recommend the wonderful movie “Revolver” by Guy Ritchie.

  49. The last really cool movie was a TV series) Black Mirror – he broke my brain since the first episode. According to the plot, a British princess is kidnapped and demanded as a ransom from the British Prime Minister to fuck a pig on the air.

    Each episode is a new challenge and a new chapter in the development of humanity, or rather degradation, because there is a loss of everything that makes us human. A very good brainiac. Recommend.

    And a drop of trash – a tusk.

  50. Stringer. For an unemployed dude, the main character has awesome analytical abilities. And even though he is the anti-hero of our time, I would like to be like him.

  51. “Dirt”, for example. Or the “Green Elephant” (the slag of world cinema, but the brain or replacement organ exhausts thoroughly).

    Well, only babies on medieval canvases are scarier than David Lynch's films.

  52. Great answers, but it's strange that no one remembered the Lars von Trier movie called Melancholy

    Still, in addition to the mentioned Lynch, there are wonderful films called “Fang” and “The Seventh Continent”, which can also change something in your mind

  53. The Tusk (2014)

    If your mental health is important to you, don't look.

    It's like a stupid, weird movie made under an obvious sting.


    * Spoilers*

    Near the end, when a guy in a walrus skin was eating raw fish, yelling and jumping in bloody leather with stitches, and then his girlfriend threw fish into his pool.

    Sewn-on hands, deformed bones, an absolutely crazy main character and an old man who turned him into a walrus. All this psychedelic stuff is so overwhelming that at the end I sat in silence, digesting and thinking-why did I see this? Give razvidin a chance…

  54. “Naked breakfast / Naked lunch.” (directed by David Cronenberg)
    A complex film based on the equally complex work of William Burroughs. An amazing film about the adventures of the exterminator performed by the inimitable Peter Weller.�I've watched it several times, but I still have questions about it. For example: what is really the main point of this film, which is wrapped up in all this phantasmagoria of bugs and other nasty things, conspiracies and investigations?

    Second question: the meaning of the scene of a shot in a glass on the head of the main character's wife (at the beginning and end). This scene, by the way, is an allusion to a real fact from the life of Burroughs himself.

  55. I would like to mention the film with Daniel Radcliffe “The Swiss Army Knife Man”. From the very beginning of the movie, you think: “What the…?”, and this thought in fact does not leave until the end of viewing. In general, if anyone has not seen it yet, I recommend such a film in the genre of art house with your favorite Harry Potter in the title role.

  56. 9 lives of Thomas Katz. I do not know what you need to look at it under in order to understand what is happening there. But I voluntarily reviewed it three or four times. We should try again.

  57. Doppelganger

    This movie makes you think twice. Simon is a humble hard worker. At work, they don't notice him, and the girl of their dreams ignores him. It seems that this will continue forever, but one day James appears in the office, outwardly Simon's double, but in character his complete opposite. To Simon's horror, James slowly begins to take his life.

    Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko was never considered an ordinary guy, he is what is called “with oddities”. And the movie is just as weird from beginning to end as the main character. The plot is quite confusing, but very interesting and fascinating. This tape has already won a lot of fans, and many refer it to the category of cult.


    Trevor Resnick hasn't slept in a year. Transformed into a living skeleton, he teeters on the edge of sleep and reality. The presentation, dialogues, and amazing music all turn the film into a natural trance, where the hero tries to fall asleep and at the same time understand what is constantly bothering him. Christian Bale is simply unrecognizable here!

    Being John Malkovich

    In his office, Craig Schwartz discovers a tiny secret door that hides a passage… into the brain of the famous actor John Malkovich! Craig decides to organize excursions to the head of the star for everyone. It seems that this film was originally conceived so that if it did not get into our heads, then it definitely broke something there.�


    Very interesting and worthwhile picture. Having taken the film at the box office, the guy is surprised to notice in one of the episodes an actor who is an exact copy of him. The desire to find his double turns into a real obsession for him. But is it a double at all?


    A very strong film, with a great plot and excellent acting. Bruce Robertson is a corrupt cop who is obsessed with alcohol and sex. At work, he will get a promotion, which can be disrupted by hated colleagues. Throughout the film, Robertson's inner demons drive him crazy, and James McAvoy managed to convey this brilliantly.

    Inland Empire

    David Lynch's films already seem to have a special place in the cinema. Like all of his paintings, “Inner Empire” makes no sense to describe, and it is not necessary to convey the plot. It is not amenable to reconstruction, it is not subject to logic, at least not the usual one. Anyone who is interested in cinema, the film is a must-see.

  58. “Primer” (2004) By Shane Carruth. Of all the interesting films on the topic of timestream, perhaps the most difficult to understand. The creator of the film is clearly a tech geek, but the directorial debut turned out to be slightly clumsy due to lack of experience. Understanding the plot is further complicated by the specifics of the narrative and the “technobabble” that is alien to the average viewer. In order to visually add up all the plot lines in the end, it is better to draw a separate diagram. Just a lot of them. Nevertheless, because of the idea, you should definitely get acquainted.

    “Incendies” (2010) from the already mentioned Dani Villeneuve (“Enemy”, “Arrival”) you can also mention it. I just didn't know what to expect from the movie, and it took me by surprise. At first, it looks somewhat “festival-like”, the characters speak either French or Arabic, and the plot does not portend anything unusual. But the final twist surprised me. In the tradition of ancient tragedies and one fairly well-known South Korean film with Choi Min-sik. Those who have already managed to fizzle out on Villeneuve, should like his earlier work.

  59. Everyone's favorite Mulholland Drive by David Lynch. The film is insanely beautiful, but in order to independently figure out what is happening there, you need to watch it 10 times, I think. As a result, everything unfolds very interestingly, I advise you.

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