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  1. I watch TV shows mostly with subtitles. I can advise you to watch House of Cards with subtitles, in this series almost every word is clear, and the voices and acting of the actors are simply magnificent. In Shameless, although not every word can be understood, but you can hear everyday American English in action. I can also recommend a sitcomHow I Met Your Mother. From good TV shows, I can also recommend�Black Mirror,�Fargo, Game of Thrones, Halt and Catch Fire, How to Get Away with Murder, Sherlock, True Detective, Silicon Valley.

  2. Just doing a constant search for such films to train your English!

    About TV shows: “Friends” is perfect, even without English.subtitles are going well, same story with Gravity Falls. Very simply perceived “Scream Queens” (especially if you want to learn all possible American swear words), but with “Breaking Bad” personally, I had difficulties with my Intermediate – I had to include subs.

    • I recommend “Sherlock” (BBC) and the American “Office”.

    About movies:

    1. All parts of the “Matrix”: there should be no problems at all;

    2. All parts of “Harry Potter”: after the first part, you will remember that cauldron is a cauldron, cloak is a mantle, and wand is a wand, and everything will go like clockwork (if you, of course, have already watched / read the GP and understand what is happening);

    3. “Bridget Jones 'Diary”: I understand that this movie is considered “women's”, but this does not change the fact that there are a lot of clear dialogues;

    4. “Catch me if you can”;

    5. “Forest Gump” (“My mama always said..”)

    6. All parts of “Star Wars”: the same story as with the GP. If you know how Senator Palpatine differs from Darth Sidious, you will understand everything without much difficulty;

    7. “Casablanca “;

    8. “Fight Club”.


    When I was looking for films to train my language, I constantly came across a recommendation to watch Pirates of the Caribbean. I don't know if it's just me, but I think Orlando Bloom sounds like he's got a very hot potato in his mouth-and that made my relationship with the Pirates a lot more complicated.

  3. Watch the series Extr@ English, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, later you can try Breaking Bad. It is better to take films without a large number of working situations and dialects. I really liked Top Gun, Crocodile Dundee, Rain Man.

  4. First of all, from the series, “Friends” comes to mind, the ideal series just for a sideshow. A friend who immigrated to the United States and first lived with Hindus in a dorm, said that they pumped up their English by driving several seasons on TV for days on end.
    It plays out a lot of everyday situations and ninety percent of the words and stable expressions from there are easy to apply in real life.
    Well, after a few seasons of “Friends”, I think you can start any series.

    As for movies, I can't recommend specific titles for them, but I will recommend my own approach. I used the following principle: at first I watched mostly action movies purely in the original, just because the dialogues and speech there are not complicated, you can easily get used to hearing and distinguish speech and different accents. Then gradually expand the list of genres, it doesn't matter which one, just watch what you like and so, in small steps, you will come to full perception.

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