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  1. Oh, here I can list for a long time, because there are always new podcasts for different cultural events.

    • Our time. Dialogues about art with completely different lecturers. From the Masters school. They've only just started, but I'm already following them.
    • Provenance. A joint project of Radio Kultura and The Art Newspaper.
    • About Buildings + Cities. Podcast about architecture, urbanism, cities, and music. Culture in all aspects!
    • V-A-C Sreda. V-A-C Foundation podcast. Each issue has completely different themes that reflect on modern Russian culture (and the past too).
    • Avangard on Shabolovka. Everyone came together here: Elektronekrasovka, the Avangard Center and the Gallery on Shabolovka. The latest podcast is my big love: about the Moscow crematorium and burial as a special ritual.
    • Glass and concrete. It's all about architecture: from exhibition architecture to tactical urbanism.

    There are still many different themes related to exhibitions. For example, Garage has a separate podcast for the Triennial: “Artist Dialogues“.

    Museums also usually have their own podcasts: for example, The British Museum.

    I advise you to just go down to the recommendations: there, like a chain reaction, you can move from one interesting podcast to another: sometimes it's very difficult to stop:))

  2. Here's what I listen to myself and can recommend:

    Snappercast psychology of art in geek culture – about comics in the context of cultural phenomena such as feminism or nostalgia, escapism or LGBT culture

    many lectures by Arzamas – in particular, the series “Why I saw it”

    Not according to GOST – this is not really about art, but about how many artists and illustrators came to their creative profession,

    Art and Facts – art columnist Dmitry Butkevich examines vivid phenomena in art and argues about them

    Blitz and Chips – about culture in the broadest sense of the word, including interviews with artists

  3. I really like the podcast “Art for boys” Anastasia Chetverikova. She vividly and very fascinatingly tells about various works of art, their authors, sources of inspiration, events of those years, relationships and passions that were boiling around the author, which also influenced his work.

    I've been listening to this podcast for a long time and enjoy it immensely. It is really informative and terribly interesting!

  4. I often sit at all kinds of lectures. And here is a small selection:

    Signum is an open lecture hall where the study of philosophy, psychoanalysis, literature and other disciplines is accessible to everyone.

    Insolarance Cult — intellectual media in Russian. It splits up culture in order to reveal the non-obvious connections that form the phenomena of modernity.

    Arzamas is an educational project dedicated to the history of culture. Materials about the most interesting things are published. It can be anything. How to read “Harry Potter”? How to watch Miyazaki cartoons? What did the ancient people write and draw on the walls?

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