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  1. I don't have enough narrowly focused workshops from researchers or researchers for researchers. So that specialists from different museums and organizations can share their experience. I know that such programs are sometimes arranged outside of our country!) In Russia, I have not yet met large, full-fledged programs: either there are very few of them, or there are none at all. These are not conferences, but such programs for the exchange of experience: for example, how to properly store a drawing, how to determine the technique, what are the conditions in a particular museum for holding exhibitions or training processes, solving general cases, etc.

  2. I really miss programs for parents with children 3-7 years old.

    Most events, courses, and exhibitions are either for children or adults.

    It's cool when weekends or home evenings can be spent in such a way that the whole family is genuinely interested.

  3. As a former employee of the museum, I can say that young and not only employees strive to organize new exhibitions, new expositions, and online collections of the museum. After all, such beauty is hidden in the funds, which is difficult to imagine. People could learn a lot of new and interesting things if they had the opportunity, at least not in person, but online, to look into the bins of museums. Often, these initiatives are cut short by the administration, because it is expensive, long, and a lot of other work…. I would like to oblige museums to open funds virtually.

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