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  1. If you just want to practice logical thinking, then ANY resource on the network will do – Google. Any randomly found site will be used for this purpose. Even if it's enough for an hour , then you'll find the next one. And so on ad infinitum.

    If you want to train logical thinking for some purpose, then first you need to voice it. At least for myself. In this perspective, NOT EVERY resource is suitable for training. For time will probably be wasted without achieving the goal of training.

    There is another important question.

    Do you want to train logical thinking for your life or just for the ability to win arguments at any cost at the expense of “this trained logic”?

    If you want to win arguments, then look for resources and books: how to influence and persuade in disputes.

    If for your own life, for personal development, then the best thing is to master the full logic of the natural development of any life processes. This is given by the pentad logic.

  2. 4brain.ru -a wonderful resource, with a free course of several lessons on the development of logical thinking and not only.

    All sorts of tasks for training students, techniques for solving them, interesting materials on self-development, including development in the direction of logical thinking.

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