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  1. Thomas Aquinas was the first European thinker who was able to relate the supernatural world and the natural world, not relying on ready-made images, parallels or guesses,but doing all the necessary argumentation. He identified the supernatural not simply with “being” or “super-being” or “independent being”, as previous theologians did, but with being as action, being as reality, as authenticity. He identified the natural not with the operation of natural laws, but with that which still has to come into existence through participation in God, which in itself still simply “is”, but does not yet “exist”, until it has become involved in the plan and project of God. Thomas Aquinas thus reversed Platonism: not the world of fixed ideas above and the world of mobile actions below, but on the contrary, God as a constant movement above and separate abstract things below, which find concreteness in the divine project. Abstractions were on earth, and concreteness was in heaven. Cognition turns out to be not just a participation in high things, but the ability to argue based on exceptional experience.

  2. Don't owe anything if you haven't borrowed or promised someone anything. In general, the statement of the question with the word “should” is very strange, especially when it concerns such things that an ordinary person in his ordinary life does not need at all: “What is he to Hecuba, what is Hecuba to him?”

  3. Five proofs of the existence of God were formulated by Thomas Aquinas. If you remember, in Bulgakov's work, Woland mentions them in a conversation with Berlioz, giving an example of Kant's sixth proof.

  4. No one owes anyone anything. If the average person wants to know that Thomas Aquinas was one of the most prominent Catholic theologians who lived in the High Middle Ages and greatly contributed to the return of European thought to the mainstream of Aristotle's philosophy, while before that it was dominated by Platonism approved by St. Augustine – this is his, the average person, right. And no means no.

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