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  1. I often have lucid dreams, exactly once a week, and maybe more often. I've had a lot of practice managing my sleep, and usually everything goes according to plan. I visit different places, come up with situations, I can do almost anything, tastes and smells are very vividly felt, somehow I even managed to design a landscape. But that time it was different, when a normal dream turned into a lucid one, a strange thing happened. It's like I'm sitting on a couch in some empty apartment, and a guy with a very wrinkled face and baby hands walks into the room. We talk, and I know I'm dreaming, but there's nothing I can do. He asks about his family, asks a lot of personal questions. Then he asks me why I came here, starts punching me in the face, yells “get lost”, sits down in a corner and starts crying. Says some kind of mess, and repeats “wake up” many times. The walls are shaking, the lights are flickering, and the colors are sometimes too bright, sometimes too dim. And it was all so surreal, but at the same time real. He'd say things like, “you need to wake up or you'll be stuck like me, don't ever fall asleep again, don't sleep, don't sleep , don't sleep.” His face draws in the wrinkles, and they spread to his hands. I wake up, after that I didn't sleep a wink for two days, I was uneasy.

  2. It so happened that I fell into a lucid dream, you can say accidentally and completely unexpectedly. I realized this when I remembered that I should be in my room right now, sleeping, but I was actually at school. In the dream, I was able to pass through walls and even fly without any problems, but still the dream took over and changed the events and characters in the dream. I almost woke up a few times, but as soon as I imagined something and thought about it, the dream continued. But I started having a nightmare where I was forced to talk to a ghost, supposedly my fictional brother, in general, this is the hero of one TV series, I couldn't change something in a dream and it's much scarier than when you sleep, because you are aware, especially since I was talking to him in English, and this gave even more awareness.�

    I wanted to wake up, but when I realized I was in my room, I didn't believe it right away. I was still half-asleep, so I even thought that an ambulance was standing next to the bed , fortunately, I managed to completely get out of this state.

    I can say that I felt a little strange after that, it's early in the morning, and this dream left quite recently, I'm afraid to fall asleep, perhaps because I'm afraid that I won't be able to get out of the dream, of course I don't need to worry about this, but this feeling is the place to be.

    If you manage to get into such a dream, all I can advise you is to think about the good things. Nightmares in your lucid state are very frightening.

  3. It turns out that I always have lucid dreams and in them I did whatever I wanted. And I had a very beautiful dream yesterday! I dreamed that I and my parents went to nature to have a good time together and we arrived at some base there were mahogany tables and a little further away there were two large pillars in the Japanese style and then there was a very beautiful forest well, very straight there was a huge clearing and so it turns out when you pass through these two pillars I also forgot to mention that along The posts are big and beautiful, the fence is also made of wood and there were some patterns on it, and there is a huge pile of felled trees near the fence. Well as soon as I saw this forest I immediately told my parents that I would go for a walk in the forest and they should have lunch in the meantime, and there was also such rainy and windy weather I love this weather very much and I went along the path to the forest and I go into the forest and it turns out that there are several unfinished houses in the forest and they somehow look very unusual and I walked through the forest and couldn't get enough of the forest after about two days I decided to stay in this forest because I realized that I simply don't want to go back to the gray boring city but I want to stay in a beautiful ever green forest and so I built a big house on a very tall tree with my mind and looked at this beauty from high above and I woke up. I wish I'd never woken up.All the same pleasant dreams).

  4. I remember many interesting dreams, each one can be distinguished in its own way, for example, when I was a child, I dreamed that they bought me a big toy elephant, inside which there was a small room with many interesting things for the child, a TV, a set-top box, various toys, it was possible to cook and sleep in it, when I woke up, I even ran to check

    There was a dream when I was running away from the clown from the movie “It” through some stadium, in the end he jumped on me, showing pictures of my fears, changed faces to my relatives, then he cut off my head, the sensations were very real, I woke up and felt cold in that part of my body. (I still can't figure out how to explain this effect)

    Another dream was strange enough. I was traveling on the subway with a friend, before getting on the car I took a brand of LSD, while the effect in the dream was really different after that, the incomprehensible reality of the dream began to be even more distorted, the subway cars turned into long corridors, people took strange poses, as if the bodies were not organisms, but rather mechanisms that can be twisted, turned

    Once I managed to get into a lucid dream, where a driver I knew in my life and I tried to slow down the car, but we fell into the river, I was able to get out, but he didn't. Somehow I was able to guess that I was in a dream, I reluctantly tried to save him, but the car was already far away from me and I swam for my own pleasure, but something else, instead, did not occur to me, and when I surfaced, the dream ended.

    It felt like the most interesting dream I had not long ago, I was just sitting with some company in a pub and drinking a Coke, there were guys familiar and unfamiliar to me and the left grandfather, the most ordinary grandfather in a vest like Wasserman, interesting and strange was that I remembered everything to the smallest details, although at first glance the dream does not make any sense, it was very bright, I was able to remember the smallest details, what objects were there, what color was the furniture, faces and clothes of people, perhaps I never saw dreams in such detail and colorful

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