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  1. Given the extremely low level of efficiency of educational institutions, we can conclude that nothing is critical.

    Self-development a way out of most situations, it is better to be consciously thinking than thinking in an artificially created framework.

  2. In addition to education, such a person will lack social skills. At school, we make friends , learn to communicate and be communicative ( not everyone succeeds and yet). So he will be missing two skills1 in his life
    . A certain basic education ( if we believe that he does not study outside of school )
    2. Lack of communication or not the best social skills ( even children in the yard are more likely to go to school while the person is walking)
    And so I agree with the previously said answer that you can guess a lot about what will happen or not, since it depends on many other factors and conditions. And therefore this person will still become anyone

  3. As with all people who have studied – they will all die sooner or later.
    And so, what will happen to the person… but how do you know what will happen? Here is how everyone's life will develop and how everyone will decide to live it. And so you can assume anything, up to the fact that he will die a homeless man or a world-famous billionaire.

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