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  1. I strongly advise you to read what is recommended by most of the world's philosophy faculties, which publish their course programs in the public domain. You can find lists of these books via the website opensyllabusproject.org —> Go to the syllabus explorer — > > Filter by field —>>> philosophy.

    Personally, I would recommend first of all representatives of analytical philosophy: John Locke, David Hume, Bertrand Russell, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Karl Popper, Daniel Dennett, Stephen Pinker, David Chalmers, Vadim Vasiliev. It seems to me that this direction is better than others based on modern natural sciences, logic, its representatives write clearly, for everyone, you can learn to think clearly from them.

  2. We were once told that everything comes from Greece. So I suggest you start with Plato and Aristotle. Read German philosophy, there you will also find a lot of useful things (see the list of authors on the Internet), and do not forget about the Russians: Solovyov, Vygotsky, Danilevsky, Berdyaev.

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