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  1. In my 50s, I don't know yet. But I think there are two things.�

    1) When there is an old person in the mirror. Well, objectively. – Of course, I can become very young when I have a lot of energy, and I conduct training. But alone with yourself – well, yes, in the mirror uncle, 48-50 years old, it is so. So in 80-in the mirror there will be a guy on 78-80))

    2) When you give up, and decide that, like, everything. That zhistprozhita. Live long. By the way, including that sex is not important)) “I'm studying a lot, so I'm going back to Moscow tomorrow morning; I have children, besides the big ones, and small ones; and this is a lot of youth in everything. And you can give up at 40, 30, or 60… It doesn't depend on the number. I met a 78-year-old marathon runner in Moscow about a month and a half ago, and he started running at 52. I've already run marathons in the Arctic, Antarctica, and Kilimanjaro) My uncle's vitality is off the scale.

  2. The first time they tell you, ” Do you actually know that my father is a year younger than you?”8)))

    When you're still hungover on the second day

    When do you remember your dentist's last name by heart?

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