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  1. The answer is quite simple: learn to work with your head! All over the world, the highest-paid work is intellectual. As Billy said, find the simplest problem and figure out how to solve it(toilet bowl). The digging stick was born of an idea, an idea made the whole world that is ordinary for us. Give birth to ideas and put them into practice, and when ever this idea can change yours. The main thing is not to look for excuses to postpone it in a long box. If a door is closed in front of you, knock on another one, but never close that door in front of yourself. The world is full of examples of people who were able to do this, you are no different, believe in yourself!

    To live on 40-50 thousand is not normal, it is to survive. As long as you stand still and don't rotate this planet, you are not needed on it… We will live a normal life for you 😉

  2. Freelance: SMM, design, copywriting, tincture of advertising.
    Tutoring (languages and exact sciences).
    Food delivery courier, merchandiser, barista.

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