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  1. Taking medication for antidepressants is an extreme phase. Taking such drugs leads to a reduction in the production of natural mediators, which at the end of the course can lead to an even greater deterioration of the condition. If such drugs are not prescribed by a doctor as a treatment for clinical depression, then it is worth overcoming depression by other means – cheese as a source of tryptophan, chocolate and sweets as sources of mild stimulants, sports also improve the overall condition.

  2. Try bitter chocolate. Very bitter. You can also try herbal adaptogens: Eleutherococcus extract, ginseng tincture, rhodiola. The second option is better of course, and without side effects.

  3. Only antidepressants prescribed by psychiatrists significantly improve mood. Even if you are well versed in pharmacology and psychiatry, you can't give specific recommendations on the issue, except for one: visit a paid psychiatrist.

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