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  2. How to make an agreement.

    There may not be clearly the main thing: distributed (between different areas of life) or situational leadership.

    The only thing that is more than strange is if the head of the family is a child or a teenager. But this also happens…

  3. The definition of a family does not specify which gender is the main one, but there are families with the head of both men (patriarchy) and women (matriarchy).

    It seems to me that it will be better if the family is managed by both (the last decision is not for the Father or Mother), but for both.

  4. Whose one? Families are different. people are different. And in general, it is far from necessary that this main one is in the family.

    As it is more convenient for people, so they set up their families.�

    And some more characters for the answer.

  5. Today is the International Family Day on May 15. There are 3 people in our family: me, my husband and my son. For a family to be happy, each family member must have a role to play. Who should be the head of the family? The head is the one who is responsible for the well-being of the whole family in material, emotional and spiritual terms.

    Let's reflect.

    For example:

    1. If our son is the head of the family? This form of government is called “child-centricism”, i.e., the worship of one's offspring. The Bible's Ecclesiastes chapter 10 verse 16 says, ” O earth, what will happen to you if your king is a child?” If the main child is in the family, then competitions begin between parents – who loves the child more, who shows this love better, who spends more money on it. It is because of this that conflicts in the family begin, parents stop finding time for each other, and move away. If you do not change the situation, the case will end in divorce.

    1. If I (the wife) am the head of the family? This form of government is called “Matriarchy”. Are such families happy? How does a man feel in such a family? In a family where he doesn't decide anything. It is unlikely that such a family will be happy. And is it easy for a woman to be the head, to bear a big burden of responsibility? Sooner or later, there will be problems in such a family. A wife is not the best head of a family.

    A woman participates in raising children, takes care of the comfort of the house and is a support for her husband.

    The wife plays an important role in the family, but not the main one.

    1. If the husband is the head of the family? Then everything falls into place. It is important that everyone understands their role in the family. 1 Corinthians 11 chapter 3 verse says:

    “But I want you to know that Christ is the head of every man, man is the head of every woman, and God is the head of every Christ.”

    The husband is the head of the family, the wife is the assistant for the husband. And it was created for him and from him (from the rib). Genesis 2: 18 ” And the Lord God said, It is not good for man to be alone; let us make him a helper according to his own measure.”

    This principle was established by the creator of man and family, it is the key to family happiness.

    A man is made the head of the family by the Creator, and no one can cope with this duty better than him. He must understand that the responsibility for the well-being of the family lies with him.

    If everyone in the family knows what God expects of them and follows his guidance, the whole family will be happy.

  6. To understand this question, it is important to find out how the very first human family appeared and how it lived. In the Bible, the book of Genesis describes how God created the first human couple: “He created them male and female.”(Genesis 1 chapter 27 text). Since the creator of the family is God, it is logical to conclude that it is he who should be looked for the answer to the question of primacy in the family: “I also want you to know that Christ is the head of every man, the man is the head of the woman, and God is the head of Christ”(1 Corinthians 11: 3). According to the Bible, the role of the head of the human family was assigned by God to the man – husband. To ensure peace and happiness in the family, the husband should play the role of head with love, and the wife should respect the decisions of her husband: “Let each one of you love his wife as much as he loves himself, but a wife should have a deep respect for her husband” (Ephesians 5: 33).

  7. This is a very interesting question, as the answer may vary depending on the country and its culture.

    Many experts agree that if the concept of primacy is blurred, chaos begins in the family . In order for a society to be organized and stable, it is necessary to obey those who lead it. Similarly, in order to create a strong, happy family with peace, it is necessary to obey the head of the family.

    Since women are naturally more gentle, the role of the head is assumed by the man. And this is consistent with the original plan of God, the Founder of the family. The essence of the principle of headship is set forth in the Bible : “To every man the head is Christ, to every woman the head is man, and to Christ the head is God.” This means that the husband is entrusted with the leadership of the family, the wife supports him faithfully, and the children listen to their parents. The same principle applies to families without a husband or father. In them, the mother takes the lead. When the family does not have both parents, the role of the head of the family can be performed by the eldest child or another relative. In any case, showing respect for the one who is responsible for the family is for the benefit of its members. If everyone in the family fulfills their role in accordance with the Bible's guidance , then the chances of success increase .

  8. The main person, and not only in the family, but in general always and everywhere, is the one who takes on more responsibility. Who has more responsibility is the main one. Man, woman-it doesn't matter.

  9. Woman. Because a man doesn't need a family. Children, wife, and everything else-all this is for women. And the family is their concern. A man – he is not a family man by nature, he is an explorer, seeker, traveler and inventor, going his own way. Anyone, but not papulka. It's just that our society is genocentric (promoting the image of everything female, family, “be fruitful and multiply”, be a “real” man, etc.), so you may be thinking about such topics.

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