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  1. The visual component of the film is the responsibility of the production designer, who works closely with the screenwriter, cameraman and the director of the film himself.

    The film “Autumn” (Alphonse Mucha) in the movie “Once upon a Time in Hollywood”

    It determines the visual style of the future work. He develops sketches, drawings of scenery, furniture, selects props, helps in drawing up estimates, in choosing locations for full-scale filming and making scenery. When a movie is made, it participates in the selection of takes, in creating the graphic design of the tape (titles or screensavers in TV shows).

    The scenery, the location of things on the set-all this makes up the objective reality in which the action will unfold. The emotional structure of the film depends on the skill of the artist, as well as the trust or distrust of the audience. As a rule, a set designer, costume designers, make-up artists, furniture designers, and prop designers work in a film crew under the direction of a production designer. They come up with a whole world inside the frame, collect it by color, shape, rhythm and other visual moves.

    The work of the production designer is not limited to the construction of scenery and tailoring of costumes. On the contrary, the most interesting stage begins during the filming of the film, when you have to work in the frame and invent something right on the set. If the actors do not get a certain scene and the shooting comes to a standstill, the director can always ask the artist to come up with some way out to spice up the episode and help the actors pull out the right emotions. Create a denser subject world.

    This article uses the example of Oscar-winning works to provide a detailed analysis of how interior design is created and locations are selected for filming.

    It is worth noting that sometimes the audience's desire to find a rational explanation for the results of the work of an artist, cameraman or director is groundless. Here's an example: after watching a movie “Unfinished piece for mechanical piano” Soviet film fans wrote letters to the film crew with the question: “Does the cracked glass behind Triletsky's back symbolize a crack in relations with Platonov?” The creators of the picture later recalled that it was an accident, that the painter Volodya was to blame, who accidentally damaged the glass when he was hammering a carnation.

    So the viewer can also be responsible for the semantic function of finding an object in the frame with its interpretations.

    But if we talk about the subjects of painting in the frame, then most of the paintings reveal the general plot of the film (Lars von Trier was especially successful in this), personify the hero, his inner world and anxiety (a literary example is “Dead Christ in the Tomb” Holbein in the novel “The Idiot”), create a contrast of high and low in the scene (a frequent technique in the film “Best offer“), predict the future development of the plot, or serve as an Easter egg from the creators – each case is different. Often, the directors themselves prescribe the presence of a picture in the scene in the so-called “director's script“, which is expositionally more detailed.

    And here are some interesting examples of pictures in movies. I suggest you speculate on what the authors wanted to say.:)

    Eugene Delacroix's” Freedom Leading the People “in Bernardo Bertolucci's” Dreamers”

    “The Fall of the Damned” by Rubens in the TV series “Darkness”

    “Harvest” and “Cloudy Day” by Pieter Brueghel the Elder in” Solaris ” by Andrey Tarkovsky. The director is a big fan of the artist

    Caravaggio's ” Resurrection “in Baz Luhrmann's” The Great Gatsby”

    “Anne Boleyn” by an unknown artist in the first “Harry Potter” – a clear test of care

    A variation of Botticelli's “Birth of Venus” in Shrek. Sandro, did you take orders from narcissistic tyrants?..

    Venus in Front of a Mirror by Titian and Susanna and the Elders by Frans van Mieris Sr. in Psycho

    Collection of paintings by Gustav Klimt “Birch Forest”, “Alley in the park of the Kammer Palace”, “Beech Grove” in the film “Grand Budapest Hotel”

  2. That's a great question. And I have an unusual answer to it. In Bakur Bakuradze's film “Shultes” there is a scene in an auto repair shop. Piero della Franceschi's Portrait of the Duke of Urbino hangs on the nondescript wall. Both the director and the production designer love this picture very much, but they didn't put it up. We just found an object where this picture was already hanging. That's what happens too! The universe suggests solutions.

  3. I will share my findings about the film ” 500 days of Summer “(500 Days of Summer).

    “(500) Days of Summer – a vivid example of the picture, in which the subtle and inventive work of the production designerLaura Fox helps to identify the characters ' characters and the lines of development of their relationships. Given that the film is independent and its budget is quite modest by the standards of American cinema, the artist clearly had to show remarkable ingenuity.”

    ExactlyLaura Fox worked on the interiors of the apartments of the main characters-Tom and Summer.

    “Summer is an intelligent girl with an interest in literature and art. In her apartment, we see a lot of paintings and other small things, such as figurines, origami cranes, art books. Also in the apartment, as in Summer's wardrobe, blue color prevails. We see Summer's apartment on day 109, 259, and 408.”

    What do we find in her apartments?

    “Paul Cezanne” Blue Vase ” (1883-1887). We see a copy of this painting in Summer's apartment on day 259. Earlier, on day 109, you can see a book about Paul Cezanne.”

    The installation with a bowler hat and an apple is a reference to Rene Magritte's painting “Son of Man” (1964).

    In addition, special attention should be paid to the paintings from the karaoke bar, which belonged to the artist's brush.Louis Metz.

    Ship of Death

    The Redwood Siren

    The Sea Monster

    Источник: http://500daysofsummer-ru.blogspot.com/?m=1

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