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  1. From my experience, it turns out this way.

    For ASMR to work, you need the following conditions::

    1. The right headphones. I don't like earplugs, and regular button inserts are OK, but even some of them don't work. I tested different headphones on recordings that work for me with normal headphones. A very big difference. With some headphones, ASMR is completely absent. In general, any full-size, not cheap, I think they will fit well. Although I know that some people are hindered by the fact that the design of headphones tightly touches the head. This should also be borne in mind.

    2. Good ASMR record. There are a lot of recordings on YouTube in not good enough quality. Don't use them to judge ASMR. You can find good posts simply by searching for channels that have the most subscribers.

    3. Find triggers that work for you personally. Here you need to try all sorts of options, but only when you put on normal headphones and found a high-quality recording.

    4. The state of the body. After the gym, when the body is boiling – all your favorite ASMR recordings do not affect or the effect decreases by 80 percent. Also, the effect is greatly reduced or disappears if you strain your head (eyebrows up, forehead in wrinkles) or wrap your hands around your face or head.

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