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  1. Surprisingly correct word you picked up, start getting interested. You may already be annoyed by this simple thing, but to do something, you need to start being interested in something. It's very simple. I'll try to help.�

    1. School gives the first push in choosing a vocation. Surprisingly, what comes easiest to you is usually what you like. So write down on a piece of paper all the science that was in school, and cross out what you definitely do not like.
      I don't believe in the tech/humanities division, but if you do, it will be easy enough for you to sweep away half of the 12-14 subjects that you had. Seven left. Remember what subjects you did not have to strain at all?
      If all the items were equally difficult/easy, then try narrowing down to just two items. Just put items on the scale, and try each of them on yourself, without thinking about prestige, do not imagine yourself in 20 years, do not do this. Which of them will outweigh – leave it. Thus, at one time I still had biology and English.
    2. Okay None of the subjects taught at the school were suitable for you. Then you should think about creative professions. Musicians, artists, sculptors, artisans. All this is not taught in school. It's nice to think of yourself as a rock star, or a new Picasso. However, do not rush headlong. Always consider your escape routes. If you haven't done it before, the only thing you can do is start trying. It won't take long.�

    I, for example, spent only 2 years (during which I tried everything possible: farming, drawing, music, sports) to understand that I am not a musician. But I knew this for sure, as well as the fact that I did not lose these years – I came out of every scrape with new friends, each of them can be useful to you in the future.
    You may be doing quite well, but don't get hung up on one thing.

    1. There is something that is not taught anywhere else. These are innate talents. You come here as soon as you try everything you can try. At this point, it dawns on you: “How could I not understand before? I was the best at sculpting since I was a kid, but school took up all the time for this…”

    Don't panic. If that's your calling, you'll come back and catch up.
    And a little advice, if you'll excuse me. Do not regret anything and never.

  2. Maybe you're just interested in a little bit of everything and quickly switch to something else? Well, it doesn't matter, switch and get high from it. Maybe once and in something you will trample

  3. It's complicated, but it works.
    Just put all the ways to kill time aside (computer, TV, etc.), sit down and wait. Wherever it pulls , it's yours. If it's not yours, start again.

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