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  1. I must say right away that I have never been to Xinjiang, which is so much written about in the foreign press. However, I have serious doubts about these stories, primarily because the Chinese do not have any dislike for Muslims. Moreover, for a long time, Chinese Muslims, who rendered a number of valuable services to the last imperial dynasty, enjoyed special benefits and flourished. In any major Chinese city, you will find a large mosque in the center, and among the thriving merchants there are many Muslims.

    Halal shop in Beijing

    I myself saw a halal shop in Beijing, just a stone's throw from a foreign literature publishing house, and in Chengdu I spent a wonderful evening in an Uzbek or Uyghur cafe (the Chinese don't know the difference).

    Chengdu Uyghur Cafe

    A Kazakh friend of mine has relatives in Xinjiang and told me that my father often goes to them on business, they conduct joint trade. She said that they are very religious and honor Kazakh traditions even more than our Tyumen Kazakhs. She didn't mention any passions.

    In short, the rumors about Islamophobia among the Chinese are greatly exaggerated. So much so that I, who have visited this country a dozen times, have Chinese friends there, and have traveled through many Chinese cities, could not find any traces of it.

  2. China does not oppress Muslims. But the opposite happens. Many terrorist attacks were committed, especially in the 2000s. The authorities are taking measures to eradicate extremism, and in general they have become more systematic in 2016 – first of all, the elimination of poverty, which causes young people to join the ranks of extremists

  3. Because if our leadership was Muslim, China will call it “Kitaystan”, or” East Turkestan “and in Russia, too, call it”Rustan”… don't be afraid?

  4. In this regard, China repeats the USSR-like tactics of exterminating “enemies of the people”. The greatest danger for a totalitarian state is posed by closed, ideologically united groups. They are not controlled and are not related to the Party. The Party will nip political, nationalist, cultural and religious associations in the bud, exterminating people's families and destroying even the memories of its enemies (burning old Uyghur books, persecuting traditions). The same fate befell the unfortunate adherents of the Falun Gong religious movement – these are generally dismantled for organs.

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