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  1. From the Christian point of view, thoughts are not born in the head, they come there. And they often come from far from good sources. According to Christian teaching, we are surrounded by a spiritual world filled with spiritual essences that we do not see only because of the body. It also protects us. The body is a kind of cocoon in which the soul matures before entering the spiritual world. Well, this is if the Christian point of view is interesting.

  2. Olya, what else can you do? If you don't believe in God.
    You will have to go to a psychiatrist, he will stuff you with neuroleptics, put you in OCD, schizophrenia, maybe, or depression, as is now customary.

  3. by and large, it's like weather changes. not always even a process that depends on us. from time to time, all sorts of thought forms, images can sting us and quite strongly. it may also be related to something we haven't realized yet. what a part of our subconscious mind. One way or another, the factors are as follows: internal conflicts, too intense, sharp reactions to various questions, not accepting any manifestations of reality. in general, everything that leaves a deep sediment in the form of: irritation, disgust, fear, has the property to grow and multiply.

    by and large, the way to deal with this is on the principle of looking at the surf on the ocean, there is a wave, quite strong, you do not pay attention to it, it breaks on a neighboring rock, and you are not affected, then a smaller wave, then a light ripple, and so on. but this is no longer a struggle, not the right word, it is just a method of passive contemplation of oneself. and you should always understand that if it is in you, then it is a part of you. don't try to reject a part of yourself, just accept it calmly. phenomena, thought forms of this kind must destroy themselves, without your active participation, you are only as a reflector. something like this.

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