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  1. I still think that the desire to kill yourself is a cry of despair in a person. It is possible that he is weak in spirit, and is not able at the moment to cope with the impending disaster. But the fact is that his weakness and lack of character and willpower is not his fault, it is his mother, father, relatives and all those close to him who were indifferent to the fate of this little man from early childhood!
    And when he grew up, he was not ready to face adversity and endure!
    But I believe that a person should be given a CHANCE, so that there is a person next to him who will be able to breathe a spark of life into him, find the right words to explain to him that in fact everything is not as scary as it seems!
    Stop suicide, and with a gentle, kind, but firm and confident hand support it and give it a CHANCE!!!

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