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  1. This ability is not given to everyone, sometimes it's not about technology. Моно Monocularity can result from a defect in one eye, �strabismus, severe myopia, or even prolonged being in a tight space when it is impossible to look into the distance. If the latter option is temporary and fixable, then the first person is not able to see not only” fantomashki”, but also does not see 3D in special stereo glasses.�

    There's a great book by Oliver Sacks, The Eye of the Mind, and there's a chapter called “Stereoscopic Sue,” which is very detailed and beautifully written.

  2. Because such people can not understand how to look at such images. They just watch and wait for something interesting to happen to them.

    To see images on stereograms, you need to look through the image in such a way (that is, defocus your eyes) that two adjacent elements are connected (which are repeated in such images). And the new image is automatically displayed.

    Also, many people can not understand what it is like to “look through the picture” and what it means to “connect two neighboring elements”.

  3. I never understood what people saw in such images. I've been trying since I was a child, and I've only just realized the reason. I have astigmatism, my eyes sometimes double and when I try to look at such an image, images from different eyes do not sync. How people perceive such images is still interesting to me. But to see the campaign is not fate

  4. The ability to see depth or volume is a property only of binocularly looking people, including humans…that is, in order to evaluate such images,it is necessary that the eyes perceive the image in combination,and the brain adds the signal from the two retinas into a picture…pret if stereo vision (diplopia,monocular or simultaneous vision)is affected for any reasonthen you won't even get a picture..

  5. You need to remember the school notebooks with the image of stereograms. What did you do? We brought the notebook close to our face, kept our eyes focused on one point, then gradually moved it away and voila-everything works out 😉

  6. Guys, look at the picture, don't worry if it doesn't work out right away, I studied for a long time myself. There are two main types of stereo images: one where you need to focus your eyes in front of the image, and the other-behind. For some reason, at first I found it easier to use stereo images, which are designed to focus your eyes in front of the picture. There is an easy way to make such a stereo picture yourself: just take two identical photos and just squint your eyes, focus in FRONT of the image and voila: now you see a three-dimensional image. But with another type it will be more difficult. It really helped me to look at this kind of stereo image against the background of a clear sky, it's so easy to defocus my eyes and the picture itself miraculously appears – this is a very pleasant feeling of volume, shape, go for it! And don't forget that no matter what method you use for viewing (focusing behind or in front of the image), you will still see the image, but it may turn out to be three-dimensional, but in a different direction, if you used the wrong focusing method. And also don't forget about the distance to the image: if you look too close, you can hardly see anything.

  7. sensors fail…drivers fail… etc. etc. … a lot of reasons! and not the fact that the display is good))) plus cognitive vision… where is the general scheme for processing information from the eye??? where is a reference to the position of the eye( sensor) itself …and they simply do not exist to this day!

  8. Maybe they have something wrong with focusing, for those who can't see? To see, it is necessary, as correctly said above, to squint your eyes. You don't even need any dots. Before these answers in the question, I had no idea how it works, for me it looked like “strongly strain your eyes so that the image is smeared and split, and then gently relax so that the split image becomes one”. What was happening to my face and eyes in particular at that moment – I never thought about it)

  9. Since I was a child, it seemed unreal. I thought I was being played, there are no drawings. But it turned out to be a technical matter. Helped me here is the clip https://youtu.be/2AKtp3XHn38�

    And now I'm 23 and I squealed like a little girl who saw a stereo picture for the first time)

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