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  1. It looks like you're being clever. What makes you think that it was atheist scientists who came up with the SRT, and religious scientists were against it or something? Scientists don't really care who believes what. If you wanted to find out, you would study the question of experimental verification of SRT, for example.

  2. Many scientists lack a critical approach. Measured something on the “table”, at a given time. And then they build a hypothesis, extending it over millions of years and billions of kilometers.
    What kind of atheists are they? They believe in no one knows what, the main temple of their faith is the Academy of Sciences, where they honor and do not question the writings of “holy” academicians and luminaries.
    There is even its own “inquisition” – a department for combating “pseudoscience”. And for “falsifying” Historical science, you can get a real term, it is even prohibited by the constitution.
    “This cannot be, because it can never be” is their main principle of Apologetics. If you have come up with something new, then now justify it by referring to the” holy fathers ” of science. If you can't, it's heresy.
    “Dark Middle Ages” in a modern format.
    With respect.

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