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  1. The question is undoubtedly philosophical. The importance of the refrigerator is still underestimated by mankind and almost not studied by science. The refrigerator very quickly turned from a device that saves us food, into something more. To begin with, the first thing that catches our eye in the kitchen is the refrigerator. It doesn't matter where it stands. It is important what he is like. Everyone wants a nice refrigerator. Then everything goes much deeper: the refrigerator is a god, akin to a pagan idol. After all, opening the refrigerator for the twentieth time a day and knowing for sure that nothing has changed there, we subconsciously open our microcosm. We stand in front of an open refrigerator for a while and completely disconnect from reality, forgetting why we opened it and where we were going in the first place. A normal person can't just stand and stare into an open refrigerator, apparently something is happening to our consciousness and, over time, scientists will definitely understand this phenomenon. It is also no accident that the refrigerator has become a byword: “You will clap the refrigerator at home!”, ” The mouse hung itself in the refrigerator.” etc. No other household item is so popular among the people. The refrigerator is also our home Twitter account. When we leave a note on the refrigerator, we know for sure that the recipient will see our message. For some time now, the refrigerator has been competing with the family photo album by means of magnets reminding us of our and our friends ' travels. I think the value of the refrigerator will continue to evolve. So, whether you smoke or not, if you're not going to go into a trance for the rest of your life, life with a refrigerator will be much richer.

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