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  1. I'm also interested! it's scary. they are perfectly smooth, gray, and translucent. sometimes they appear, so unpleasant to look at. with the eyes closed, you can also see it. can I go to the ophthalmologist?

  2. The eye is an optical system.

    The image is transmitted to the inner shell of the eye – the retina, passing through transparent structures: the cornea, lens and vitreous.

    The cornea is a strong, spherical, refractive image lens, like a watch glass.

    The lens, on the other hand, changes its shape, helping to focus the eye on objects located at different distances.

    The vitreous body is a transparent gel-like structure with the thinnest capsule that fills the cavity of the eyeball.

    Any changes that violate the transparency of these structures fall within our field of vision.

    These can be:

    • opacities on the cornea, after injuries or inflammation,
    • diffuse opacities of the lens
    • or as the most common, banal reason is the destruction of the vitreous body.

    Destruction of the vitreous body can manifest itself in the form of dots, floating blots, or possibly in the form of threads or stripes.

    However, even more serious problems associated with pathological changes in the central zone of the retina-the macula, can give manifestations in the form of image distortion, spots, stripes.

    Consult an ophthalmologist, only after a full examination with an examination of the fundus will you be able to accurately determine your problem.

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