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  1. In general, in a situation of LSD exposure, the lobes of the brain work a little more actively: different parts of it begin to work together (which they usually do not) and more intensively. From this we get a lot of interesting effects(such as synesthesia – mixing of feelings when you can see the sound, for example), but often – yes, it depends on the specific person, set and setting. Fractals (imho) they usually appear on some surfaces with a lot of details – the brain begins to connect vision and your associations, hence the patterns. Remember as a child how you woke up and instead of a chair with a bunch of clothes you saw a monster. Same story with:�

    And yes, these effects are quite manageable. In addition, usually the vision is quite out of focus, so it is not difficult to make dots on the floor in a sequence

  2. Look at just a white lamp, which is uniformly white, there is nothing to cling to the eye. And there are patterns. But they are more voluminous. Perhaps this is a visualization of the brain, neuro-connections.

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