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  1. It is not clear who puts it? They can not put it by force, rather a person goes to bed, because here you need a psychiatrist and a medical psychologist , as well as a negative diagnosis to understand that this is depression , and not say the consequence of a traumatic brain injury, well, and then psychotherapy that can be carried out by a clinical psychologist.

    P. s life is shit and I don't want to live, because my wife left, my apartment burned down , my parents died , and I had AIDS and everything in two months-this is not depression, this is objectively a shitty life. (And even in this case, it's more a matter of crisis psychotherapy.)

  2. with clinical depression, you need a selection and course of special medications that correct brain chemistry. this is exactly what they do in a psychiatric hospital. and only a psychologist will help to correct a prolonged bad mood, he can not cope with depression. and it's not his profile.

  3. Depressions are different. If we are talking about a mild depressive state caused by psychological factors , then a psychologist can help.
    If depression is caused by organic disorders, then you need to be treated and take medication .

  4. It all depends on the severity of the depression.�

    Depression itself is often confused with ordinary sadness, frustration, or sadness. But the diagnosis of depression is still characterized by a decline in strength and an inability to experience positive emotions. In most cases, such depression is a consequence of diseases and other physiological and somatic factors, so accurate clinical diagnosis and examinations are necessary, and then drug treatment.

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