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  1. Why do so many people still believe that science is the way to get objective knowledge?

    As you have already correctly noted in the comments, people believe in science for the simple reason that “science works”. Computers, phones, cars, etc. — all this is a visible confirmation of this.

    If we answer the question of what and why science has to do with objective knowledge, then we need to say a few words about the scientific method. Its pillars are two principles: verifiability and falsifiability. In simple terms, first, any scientific observation must be fundamentally reproducible, i.e., be alienated from a particular subject of knowledge, objectively; second, any scientific knowledge must be open to refutation, which reproduces the logic of correspondence of thought to existence, i.e., the logic of truth as defined by Aristotle. To sum up, science is an institutionalized openness of knowledge, which ensures, respectively, the objectivity and truth of scientific knowledge.

  2. Faith is a means to circumvent the problems of the unknown.

    However, detachment from scientific knowledge leads the masses of people to believe in the truth of information about the properties of elements of the surrounding world, including scientists and their professional products …

    The decline in the quality of scientific information products that do not correspond to the real physical world probably gave rise to your question about the mass belief of people in science, as it were … but probably the reason is doubts about the truth of the “scientific” data stream masquerading as scientific

  3. At the beginning of the 21st century, scientists said that it is very possible that people have FUNDAMENTALLY INCORRECT KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE WORLD. The philosophical explanation of the world has horrified many.

  4. Because science really gets objective knowledge.

    This is elementary, Watson!

    But why people prefer to believe in science instead of knowing science is already a question for psychology. Perhaps they are too lazy to learn science at school.


  5. Everything practically useful is created by Science.

    Everything practically harmful is created by fighters against Science and Villains.

    The main catastrophic lag of Science is spiritual and moral values.

  6. Many of us “swim” when answering such key questions as ” What is KNOWLEDGE?”, ” What is FAITH?”, ” What is Objectivity?”, ” What is Subjectivity?” … “What is Truth?”, ” What is Reality?”.. Not having clarity in understanding what we stand on – we swim…. And yet, only the quality of the development of our SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS is able to answer these questions so that Our Soul will finally find the Light of Good…. Becoming THE SOURCE….” There is only one SCIENCE – the science OF LIFE, there is only one WAY OF TRUTH – TO LIVE AND COMPREHEND THE SECRET OF THE POWER OF LIFE…. THEREFORE, MAY GOD GRANT US ALL A CLEAR AND PURE SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS capable of connecting the unconnected (divided) without illusions and distortions – that is, both independent and connected….. “These are excerpts from my “BOOK OF SPHINXES”

  7. Why do we believe that the word mama means mother?
    Because this is the meaning of the word mom and it is clearly visible.
    The way to get objective knowledge is to define science .
    The question you would like to ask is: why do many people believe that modern scientific activity is scientific?
    I will expand, by the definition of the word science-science is an activity aimed at obtaining objective knowledge. If you apply religion, philosophy, ideology, self-understanding, meditation, caligraphy, or throwing dice against walls to gain this knowledge, and they provide objective knowledge, they will become methodologies for scientific activity and acquire the status of science.

  8. this is inherent in the very principle of science – the repeatability of results. that is, everyone (in theory it is clear) can be convinced of a certain fact simply by repeating a certain action. if this is not objectivity, then what did you mean by objectivity at all? moreover, any seemingly dubious results of some experiments are usually beyond the final approval limit and are still being investigated. In fact, there are not so many objective facts that are actually declared. much of what is considered a postulate can be discarded at any time for a more explanatory principle or pattern. that doesn't prevent you from using all this successfully.

  9. Because the Scientific Method of cognition provides 100% predictive power in the application area, this is ideal.

    At the same time, the scientific result does not depend on the experimenter's personality, and in order to use scientific achievements, you do not need to pretend to be an enlightened person or a true believer.

    This is objective knowledge.

    And that's why so many people do not understand what Science is, although it is the level of natural science of the middle classes, this is interesting! It is time for all such religious demagogues to arrange basic exams in adult life, and deprive those who believe in fairy tales and do not recognize science of their school certificates.

    Well, deprive such demagogues of the right to work in socially significant activities, otherwise you never know what absurdities they believe in and what they can do instead of a scientific Objective approach.

  10. Faith is the recognition of something as true, regardless of the actual or logical justification, mainly due to the very nature of the subject's relationship to the subject of faith

    This is a strange question about science, which is based on factual and / or logical evidence. Even if a scientist has some theory about his object of study, no one will “believe” him until he provides these very proofs, shows the patterns and proves to everyone, first of all to skeptical colleagues, that his assumption is true. Science is facts, a well-defined circle of knowledge with a causal relationship, without subjective coloring about good/bad. They found out that this is how it is – and even if you crack, even if you had some personal opinion on this matter , you can't go against the truth. Science tears off masks, destroys illusions, frees people from delusions, showing the world not as people want it to be, but as it really is. Science is a tool for unearthing objective knowledge about the world.�

    It is science that says by its own example that one should not believe, but know!

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