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  1. Let's start with the fact that now every second PR person and content manager of social networks, only someone spins glazed curds and professionally, and someone himself beloved and not very professionally. And then everything is simple and clear. Why delete a post and upload it again? So that it appears in the feed, gets into new photos – in general, it attracts more visitors to the page. And since it's ubiquitous, it works.

    Of course, there are also people who are very unsure of themselves and their decision, who post and delete their photos 25 times, doubting them, but it is unlikely that people suffer massively from this.

    Why is it more common for girls? Because no matter how much the guys on the Internet resent the fact that they were fucked up by chickens with pu sponges, they very actively like pu, and not photos from the bioinformatics conference. And not only like, but also write, and get acquainted. So the PR move worked, the goal is achieved, the girl is happy with new fans, and maybe even goes on a date (which is very, very rare with such acquaintances, but everyone believes in fairy tales)

  2. It happens like this: you upload a photo, filters, hashtags, a witty caption – everything is fine. Then you look at her and think: I have a strange face, some kind of stupid look. Okay. Hmm hmm no really terrible picture! And there aren't many likes. What if Pasha sees her? He'll think I'm a shallow person with a moronic look, and then he definitely won't call. Ugh, what the fuck did I post it?! The photo is being deleted. And then Pasha still doesn't call and the girl thinks: you know what, Pasha, I'm still going to delete my photos because of you! I have normal eyes there! Beautiful!

  3. First I wrote an answer, put everything on the shelves, clearly, clearly, reasoned, but then I deleted it, then I still decided to post it and posted it, but I decided that I didn't fit into the general outline and deleted it, but then I decided again that I was normal and posted it again. Read faster – I don't know what comes to mind.

  4. I will answer this question, as an expert in this field, I do this with my photos all the time, but not because I didn't like them, and especially not for promotion. The fact is that some of the photos displayed do not fit in the color scheme and it really hurts my eye. A bad habit in general.

  5. Many Instagramers take their accu quite seriously. They try to keep their profile in the same style and upload photos in the same color. Therefore, it happens that a photo is posted, but it does not really fit the style of the account and because of this, you have to delete it. But maybe they really like the tk photo, so they post it a little later and maybe with a different treatment. But this is my personal version.

    And sometimes, you post a photo, and after a few it really didn't like it, so you delete it, and then, after a while, you look at it and it turns out to be pretty good and fill it again.

  6. As an option

    • I posted a picture with a guy. A day later, they had a fight and deleted it. Reconciled – returned back. Or she posted it, but then decided that she didn't want to flaunt her personal life and deleted it. If you wanted likes or attention , you got it back)

    • Cool photo turned out, add it to the inst. The next day you look at it, and you think that it is ordinary/meaningless/similar to the previous ones/does not fit in color – you delete it. A couple of months pass, and it already looks good in the profile, you fill it again.

  7. Sometimes purely practical.
    I saw Printstagram / Boft / a thing that prints photos from insta using a specific hashtag, for example, or it was published a long time ago, but it's cool.�
    And in order not to be steamed up with the search, since these machines are often buggy, you just upload a new one, and delete the old one, respectively (or a new one).�
    This is not the main reason, of course, but it is possible.

  8. It happens that a photo is liked by someone whose like you don't want to see, and then you delete and upload the photo again, so that it was not liked by this asshole.

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