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  1. Anton, there may be several reasons. Here are the first ones that came to mind.
    First, some people don't know how to change the keyboard layout on their device.
    Secondly, the device may not be Russified (there is simply no Cyrillic alphabet on the buttons or in the software).
    Third, some telecom operators previously transmitted only Latin characters for technical reasons. Even though it was a long time ago.
    And, finally, fourthly, Latin characters in the SMS unit “fit” one and a half to two times more than Cyrillic characters due to the encoding features. This is more economical.
    I hope I answered your question.

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    Anthony Burgess. “Clockwork Orange” did its job in due time.

  3. And if you send a text message, the payment for 1 message can fit more Latin characters (160/1) than Cyrillic characters (70/1). And if you suddenly insert one letter in Cyrillic, and the rest in Latin, it will count 70/1.

  4. I was interested in this topic for a while.
    I'll try to explain the reason.
    As far as I remember, this spelling was common in the days of IRC chats due to incorrect encoding. As a result, instead of your usual ” hi, how are you?” the interlocutor could look at the letters, from Latin to Greek, all sorts of other icons(#@$%*-_ and so on) and, of course, hieroglyphs, where to go without them.
    As a result, such a poor guy, who uses a different encoding(mostly conflicts were, and still are, with windows-1251 and utf-8), did not know how else to answer the interlocutor.
    PS-if you think that this spelling hurts your eyes, you just haven't seen another kind of transliteration – when they write in English letters, trying to repeat the spelling of Russian ones – for example, bI

  5. Sometimes I write in the English keyboard layout, because when switching the language, the keyboard slows down, and it's too lazy to switch it, it's easier to write as it is)

    But sometimes it sounds funny, because when you read vot takoe vot soobsh'enie, v golove golos proiznosit eto tak, budto u tebya rot polnii melkih kamushkov.

  6. It is hardly relevant now to explain this phenomenon with a limited number of characters in SMS messages. Today, you can catch Wi-Fi anywhere in the world and send texts of any size. The Russian layout is also present in most phones. The era of SMS, in my opinion, is long gone. Nevertheless, writing vot tak is now something of a fashion, there are a lot of public posts, the name of which is written takim obrazom, like “eto ya” and others.

    This spelling of words slightly changes, first, their perception, compare: this is me. eto ya. The phrase takes on a completely different connotation. I think that all this is connected with the desire for novelty. It's like modern art – we lack the old ways of expression, they are outdated. In normal Russian, so much has already been written and written that the meaning of words has gradually become erased, there are not enough of them, not enough to express all the desired emotions and shades. Ordinary words start to seem too ridiculous to use in writing. So : for a change.

  7. My mother is not Russian, and she has never received a Russian education, so she has problems with Russian grammar, although everything is fine with oral speech. So one day I asked her why she almost always writes in Latin letters. Her answer was ingeniously simple: es esli pisat kirillitsey to budut yavno vidny eyo gramaticheskie oshibki, a vot c latinitsey i paritsya ne nado. Later, I began to notice that many foreigners also do this, because they are afraid to make mistakes.

  8. I'll explain …. it went back to the distant 2000s, it started with gamers. Previously, all VoVka, La2, CS… were not Russified, and so on, so everyone had to communicate in translit. And European people also did not panic, because these TERRIBLE LETTERS did not fly in front of them, like: “I”, ” Yu ” and others. now they write like this, because they are used to it, at least I write very quickly with translit, because my hands are sharpened. And “newfags” write as many people said “to be special”

  9. I can explain why I do this: when I correspond, I often use this smile -: D and sometimes I'm soooo lazy to switch the language, which I write in transliteration and further. Varik namba tu: I logged in somewhere and they wrote to me, and I answered automatically podobnym obrazom. Namba option three: I'm just prikalywajius` :DDDD

  10. In general, for a very long time, it seems that there were restrictions on the number of Russian characters entered when sending SMS messages. And in the English layout, two characters were counted as one Russian character.

    Economical guys who love to chat, wrote just vot tak

  11. Bekoz buy zis method of typing text yu sims to bi like cool english person. Perhaps. Aim not shur ebout zis. Or yu dot hev raschn kiis on er gadget.

  12. Many of the answers are incorrect because they seem to be from 1998 :- )- and I know from work-my specialty is “languages on the Internet”, so I have statistics and information on hundreds of groups/forums (including in distant countries where people do not have Russian letters on the keyboard) already since 1997.

    So – for those who do not know the history of the Internet, thinks translit this “trick” is this –
    no, it is a sign of technical BACKWARDNESS, mossy sucks from the distant days of Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 🙁 when the technology was undeveloped –
    all wrote translit groups of type relcom.talk in 1998!

    Now write translit it's like to go on the cart with the horse on the modern Parking lot : -) and the opinion of others as appropriate (typical quotes below) – so gone for almost a transliteration in groups, who wants to look BACKWARD, misleading under Windows 95.
    Therefore, those who write “I've been used to it since the 2000s” are the same as writing:

    “and I'm used to harnessing a horse to a cart and picking up shit after it” 🙂

    People enjoy the fruits of progress, and do not get stuck in the last century, “moved from a cart to a car transport”: -) – even those who used to write _godam_ in translation have long abandoned it.

    Typical opinions about oddballs stuck on the technologies of the last century:

    “we live in the 21st century. Writing in transliteration is terrible! “

    “… we have already forgotten when SMS was written in transliteration” (vk.com/wall-35238813_100559?reply=100630)

    “21st century, and she writes in English letters. Already my eyes watered, the Siemens A35 remembered “


    They also replied that this is how our people write in distant countries, since they have non-Russian computers/phones and keyboards.
    This was true until 20010-2002, but 15 years have passed since then, and this is a whole era by the standards of technology/The Internet.

    There are MILLIONS of us, participants who don't have Russian letters on the keys, from Australia to Canada, from the USA to Germany.
    Many people have never seen a Russian keyboard, Russian is not their native language.

    And what, do we really write transliteration with terrible krakozyabras, as in 1998? Really? After all, not the most stupid ones left 🙂 –

    those who left Google invented :- ) and recently, here in San Francisco, they sold their WhatsApp for 19 billion to Facebook, so didn't they come up with SIMPLE solutions in terms of Russian letters?

    Of course, they came up with it a long time ago – and even in faraway Singapore, they have been writing in Russian letters for 10 years, and there are definitely no Russian letters on the keyboard (forum russiansingapore com). Not to mention Europe and America.

    There are “several different solutions that are used in far-flung countries, for election_, all SIMPLE
    ” (they were invented for themselves: -)), for example, such as where in general

    = = = CONVENIENCE for those who are used to Latin / transliteration_ DOESN'T disappear – because
    === YOU DON'T need to know/use the Russian keyboard/Russian layout (Method 3 on the link below –
    “in Russian-in LATIN keyboard mode” and you DON'T need to go to any site to enter it).:

    “How to write in Cyrillic on a non-Russian computer / gadget”:


  13. Pomimo ochevidnyh prichin, ukazannyh Alexeem, stoit otmetit' esche odnu: eto prosto dovol'no zabavno, kak po mne. Hotya eto vkusovschina vsyo-taki. No mne nravitsya.�

    Mama govorit, chto ya osobennyi.

    • for the above reasons�

    For example, I play games on the server “Western Europe”, where after the Cyrillic alphabet in the chat they start asking for English�

    So, I write in translit and I'm used to it

  14. Search queries, business correspondence, and most of the entertainment surfing (such as reddit, for example) is done in English. In everyday communication, of course, I use Cyrillic, but if you need to quickly answer a question-I consider switching to a different layout a waste of time, respectively, I answer either monosyllabically yes/no, or starayas ne sobludat classic translate a prosto pobistree otvetit.
    In fact, there is another type of person that has not been mentioned here. Non-Russian speakers, such as those from the CIS countries, but who can convert to Russian. They may not have a Russian layout at all, but when necessary, write in translit.
    And then there are others like everyone else. Well, these are such guys:)

  15. Probably because they have a keyboard on the computer of the English language. (there are no Russian letters on the keyboard)

    Probably because they have a keyboard on the computer of the English language. (there are no Russian letters on the keyboard)

  16. Previously (and even now in some services, such as Twitter), the message contained more text in Latin than in Cyrillic. Text messages cost money, and English letters provided as much information in one text message as Russian letters provided in two. One Russian letter went almost for two English ones. I didn't wonder why. The Olds still have a habit of writing from their phone in this way.�

    The second reason is the phone's inability to type in Russian letters. This can happen if the Russian language is not installed (or it's not there at all), or the virtual keyboard is broken (I've had this happen before, the native one doesn't work, I use the keyboard from the app).�

    The third reason is that not all services and sites support the Russian language. The correspondence of Russian players in the game chat in English looks exactly like this, Russian words are Latin, because there are simply no Russian letters in the game, but you want to communicate, and English does not interfere with the game in any way)

  17. I can speak for myself. I have a mobile operator MTS. If I write messages in Cyrillic, he eats 1.5 rubles for one message. Plus, it limits me to 75 characters. From above, this is like the second message. When I use the Latin alphabet, one text message costs only a penny. Plus, the limit of characters is not 75, but 150.

    Text in Russian : �3 rubles. In English, a penny.�

    I hope I explained it clearly:)

  18. Living in a non-Russian-speaking country, using computers without a Russian layout in Russian, you write in Latin �against your will, but you get used to it so over time that you simply ignore it on a phone with a Russian keyboard. And this continues until you realize that you have forgotten how to write in Russian in Cyrillic..

    Cheers folks!

  19. In general, I read that it is cheaper to print messages in Latin. And, if you, for example, are not located abroad, then this way you can save money.

  20. Prosto len' menyat' raskladku, vot i vsyo�

    (Escho mnogo simvolov nuzno pisat', chto takoe sebe, na samom dele, udovol'stvie�))))0)0))0)9(9(0)90)0

  21. I often met with such a person and wrote it myself. the fact is that the layout on the iPhone and not on other phones is rather inconvenient. To change the language from English to Russian, you often need to go this way: English – > emoji – > >(possibly 3 languages) – > > > Russian.

    I, like many other inhabitants of the Internet, often find it difficult to make such gestures, and I just write na angliysky raskladke.

    this is also often used in games, such as Dota2. There are different representatives of different countries who do not really relate to Russian and in order to “not get burned” with such letters as “s”, “b”, “e” they write in transliteration in order to avoid hayt in their direction.

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