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  1. This is a very apt comparison given by the people, which speaks for itself.
    A bitch is a woman who is not suitable for any healthy family relationships, physically she is certainly alive and probably even attractive and looks decent, but clearly has undergone moral decomposition, and quite possibly physical, that is, she has sexually transmitted diseases and other apes.
    Such a woman is not able to be a good wife and mother, and in general it is unlikely that she will want and will be able to give birth to a healthy child, raise it properly. Therefore, it is better to stay away from the bitch, as if from a decomposing corpse.

  2. Yes, previously this word meant rigor mortis, then carrion. This meaning is confirmed by the name “vulture” – these are birds that feed on carrion.

    Then they began to call bitches women who committed meanness and caused an emotion of disgust. Perhaps the behavior of these women was then associated with a sense of abomination from the perception of carrion.

    Currently, this word has the opposite meaning, that is, bitches call themselves self-confident and independent of men women who are interested in relationships only if there is a personal benefit.

  3. Because this word in our country has long been known differently. Bitches among women are considered smart and cunning, but cruel, able to achieve their goals.

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