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  1. So it's quite natural.

    youth is a time of maximalism.

    if you love something to the point of losing your pulse, if you drink something to the trash, there is play something to zadrostva.

    it is with age that a person becomes more moderate, learns to combine the pleasant with the useful.

    I understand that instinctively teenagers always want to object and say-no, it's not like that, it's not about age…

    in it in it. or rather, in the experience that comes with it. well, in health.

    I can't drink all night and then go to work. Well, I can of course, but I won't.

    and 10 years ago-please.
    And now it's not worth it.

  2. Today's young people just smoke and drink less than previous generations.

    This is due, firstly, to a change in the attitude of society to smoking, and secondly, to an increase in the overall level of well-being.

    If earlier being a patient with nicotine addiction was almost the norm, now refusal of treatment is increasingly socially stigmatized. There are fewer places to smoke, cigarettes are more expensive, and cigarette packs look more and more terrible – in such conditions, you don't want to break your body voluntarily.

    Alcohol is a slightly different story: drunkenness is the reverse side of a low quality of life, loneliness, and hopelessness. Young people living in big cities, getting an education, and using social networks don't want to get too drunk. They already have a lot to do. And in small towns and villages, the situation is worse. But not worse than it was in the 90s or 80s.

  3. I myself am an eighth-grade student and I confirm your words.

    Today's young people (I have no doubt that the past ones) smoke and drink a lot.

    This is probably primarily due to education.

    Personally, my peers have an identical character, for example, their mother, who in turn allows you to introduce a similar lifestyle to your child.

    Second of all, there is impunity and permissiveness. This option takes into account not only a bad lifestyle, but also disgusting behavior, which goes up to a fight with teachers.

    Our school administration, although it tries to monitor this, wants to take such children to courses on the dangers of smoking and other things. But these courses begin and end with the words “do not drink, do not smoke”, which the child simply does not pay attention to. I suppose it is possible that if such cases were brought to the attention of the police, who in turn had to take some action, then all this would be much less.

    And as long as our government, society and parents put everything on the shoulders of Nemesis, nothing will change.

    UPD: I would like to add that I am one of the only people who has never smoked or drunk, even though I am in the “A” class. In other letters, as you know, it is worse. I only feel sorry for foreigners who come here for education, but leave with consequences.

  4. It seemed to me that today's young people just do not drink. At least in such numbers as the children of the nineties in the outback. Modern people are more interested in vaping, coffee, sitting on phones, and veganism. But to drink at them somehow is not very accepted already-the fashion has passed, as they say. But this is in the capital. Unfortunately, I don't know what the situation is like in the hinterlands right now.

  5. Did the previous youth smoke and drink less? According to my observations, these addictions are becoming less popular with each passing generation.

    Well, the fact that mostly young people are interested in this is due to the existing sales restriction. Like, these are products for adults, and every small child, of course, wants to appear more adult. In the youth environment, this is a symbol of independence, up to a certain age.

    They get drunk “in the trash” due to inexperience. This is harmful information for the child, how to drink, so as not to trash. Hypocrisy of society, we pretend that children can not drink, and as soon as 18 turned, so immediately both experience and skill were formed.�

    For me, in the modern world, these are not the most harmful habits, because of which you need to somehow strain yourself very much.

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