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  1. Because that's what happened. Life is a cascade of chemical reactions of complex proteins and amino acids, which appears as a result of random combinations of atoms of various elements. In short, life exists by pure chance and it took it more than 4 billion years to transform from the state of the simplest amino acid to what we can see now. But this is only a carbon-based form of life, and what else there are and how they exist and where they came from – modern science can not answer. Life is a self-sustaining cascade of chemical reactions, the meaning of which is to constantly maintain its existence.

  2. Why does life exist?

    Because there is an operating environment-our reality and a script-DNA code that perceives and analyzes data coming to its ports from the operating environment.

    Life is the process of executing a program of the genetic code.

  3. There is a law of thermodynamics that states that a closed system will tend to homogeneity and disorder. Many argued that the appearance of life contradicts this law and could not have happened without a miracle.

    But the Earth is not a closed system. Now it becomes clear that there is a certain reverse law: the more powerful energy flows pass through the system, the more it is prone to structuring, to self-organization.

  4. All inanimate things serve intelligent living things. It so happens that chemical reactions can give such a “surprise” as life, under certain conditions. Does this make sense?)

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