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  1. Well, that's the way people work.

    The imposition of a ban on any action or possession of a thing causes a person to feel inferior. And he tries in every possible way to eliminate this inferiority.

    Here is a simple example.

    As you know, in recent decades in our country began to read much less. I mean fiction, at your leisure, for your own spiritual development. Imagine for a second that the state will ban reading fiction in general, withdraw books from sale, and start harassing those who violate this ban.

    What will happen then? Will people stop reading? Not at all. I assure you, the popularity of reading will skyrocket. People will read surreptitiously, hold discussions, and risk being discovered. No wonder the books were banned, so there is something in them! And so it is in everything.

    Of course, there are things that should definitely be banned, their harm to humans is absolute. But in general, the system of bans is a very unreliable, ineffective and counterproductive measure.

    And all because it is easier to prohibit than to explain, prove or educate.

  2. Because you are literally taking this Bible story encrypted for children. In adult translation, the forbidden fruit is not a fruit, but sex. Snake-erection. God – bright thoughts.

  3. It is forbidden because it is so sweet that it is difficult to resist the temptation. According to this principle, for example, drugs are also banned – which quickly cause a strong dependence.

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