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  1. Just because it's so convenient. There is no number 666 in the Apocalypse, at that time there were no Arabic numerals at all. Therefore, there was no one to write 666.

    In the Greek numeral system, there were 9 letters to represent numbers. That is, the famous number of the beast could be written something like this: χξς


  2. Because the number 666 is a kind of cipher that enciphers the name of the devil. Gematria 666 has the Greek word beast written in Hebrew letters. The fact is that in the ancient world, letters often denoted numbers. Gematria (distortion. Greek. geometria) is one of the ways of Kabbalistic reading, the numerological addition of the numerical values of the letters that make up a word. There is another explanation for why 666 is the number of the devil or the beast. In the Apocalypse, the end of the world is associated with various events, and the last, and at the same time the main one, is the second coming of Christ. Before the Saviour, two beasts must come into the world: one that came out of the sea, and the other out of the earth. This second one is described as a creature with two horns and a reptilian voice. This beast will perform miracles, deceiving people and instilling in them that it is he who is the true savior. At the same time, all those who bowed to him will mark their number on their right hand. The rest who do not have this mark will be subjected to torment. To those who worship, the false beast prophet will promise peace and love, but this will turn out to be untrue, instead of eternal prosperity, eternal night will fall on the earth, there will be famine, pestilence and wars. Only those who were not inscribed with the number of the beast, called 666 by John the Theologian, will be saved. Why exactly 666, only John the Theologian knows.

  3. Because according to the Scriptures, the name of the antichrist is encrypted in this number. No one knows exactly what it is, although there are many versions. But the number 666 itself is nothing bad, it's just a number.

  4. It is not, according to the unsubstantiated opinion of some – ” Because!”. The existence of the devil is an unsubstantiated hypothesis. What “beast” – specifically? The answer is no-a literary image.

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