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  1. In life, there are absolutely different situations, including the most difficult for the psyche. And the answer to your question varies depending on the circumstances.

    1) Not everyone can cope with the burden that life imposes on a person. There are also cases after which you do not want to live. And the only way to relieve the pain – nakrotiki (including alcohol). In such situations, just “taking a nap” after lunch does not help. Here it is necessary to forget, and the stronger the means for falling into a state of “oblivion”, the better.

    2) Interest. Just a person wanted to try what the drug gives a person that he can not resist. How does it feel to take a drug? How do you feel? All these questions are covered only by experience. Maybe it's out of boredom, of course. But it's “more fun” than just taking an afternoon nap.

    There are many other reasons why taking a drug is much more interesting than sleeping. But I won't name all of them.

    Personally, I am against any kind of drugs. Protect yourself and your loved ones from using them.

    Good luck ✌️

  2. Sorry, but you're comparing the incomparable 🙂

    Why drink coffee when you can take a nap? Err… Firstly, you may not be able to take a nap, and secondly, the coffee is delicious. And in the third – it invigorates, you don't want to take a nap after it. And I just gave an example of one of the lightest and most legal drugs.

    Tell a heroin addict, for example, that you can just take a nap… Funny 🙂

    However, I took these two extremes. But take, for example, alcohol. Quite a heavy and dangerous drug, which takes away a huge number of lives every year. At the same time, it is legal, however, we are not talking about legality now. Do you seriously think that taking a nap for a drunk is a substitute for taking a hundred grams?

    I'm sorry, but your question is not serious. Drugs are also drugs that cause psychological dependence. And with regular intake, it is extremely difficult for a person to give up these substances. And if he takes a nap without a dose, he may have nightmares, and he will only wish for one thing: to use it.�

    Well, if you were referring to hallucinogens, for example, the most famous option – LSD, then, obviously, ordinary sleep does not give the sensations that can give the use of this drug.

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