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  1. Quite. And even food and resources are enough for everyone. We just need everyone to work and not steal from each other, and the state was able to organize this crowd and not interfere. But few people want to live in the cold. And obey the established system and orders. So they're more likely to keep ticking away from here than immigrate.

  2. The world's population is 7.7 billion.�

    The area of a standard passenger elevator for 4 people is 0.85 m x 0.9 m = 0.765 m2

    To fit all 4 people in an elevator, you need 7.7 / 4 billion elevators

    The total area of these elevators is (7.7 billion/4)*0.765 m2 = 1473 km2

    This is a square with a side root of 1473, that is, less than 40×40 km. Even on the territory of Moscow with a margin fit.

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