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  1. In addition to the wise response of the expert of the same name, I would like to add that the fall of the religious regime in Iran can only worsen the situation with Islamic terrorism in the long run.

    The way the world works, Islamic terrorism is generated and used by residents of those states that do not have radical Islam and are rich. It just so happens that dealers don't get high on heroin, and pimps don't fall in love with their customers. World Islamic terrorism is financed, organized and trained not by the impoverished masses of Iraqis, “Palestinians”, Chechens, etc., but by the titanically rich Muslim diasporas of the USA, France and Great Britain (with Pakistan), secondarily by Turkey and the sheikhs of the UAE and SA, and third (before the “Arab Spring”) by the military dictatorships of Egypt, Libya and Algeria and the Chechen oligarchy.

    From there, all Hezbollah and al-Qaeda get their leaders, from Khomeini in Paris to bin Laden in London. And they are formed-yes, from the live meat of poor Arab countries.

    Therefore, if a peaceful and prosperous life with a civilized European order is established in Iran, it may eventually become another intellectual and financial center of Islamic terrorism. It's just an eternal law of world history: they can't help but shit on others as soon as they themselves get at least a little better at living.

  2. On a global scale, this will not affect in any way. The fact is that most radical Muslim groups adhere to Sunni Islam. And banned in Russia ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Shiites are Hezbollah, which is actively sponsored by Iran. I don't recall any more radical Shiite organizations. Some other countries regularly feed the militants. Osama Mukhammedovich lived quietly for years in Pakistan. And in his Homeland, Wahhabism is the state religion.

  3. Hardly. First, the Ayatollahs ' regime is far from the only stronghold of radical Islam. IS (banned in the Russian Federation), Hezbollah, etc. Secondly, in a certain sense, not the most radical. Well, that is, it is radical within itself, but in terms of other countries, this regime is quite peaceful.

  4. There has already been a revolution in Iran (Islamic), and the fall of the Islamic regime is possible only as a result of occupation, for which no one has the resources, not even the United States. Islamization will grow-this is the cultural basis of a huge region with a low entry level, which can and will continue to develop.

  5. You can talk a lot about this topic.All these revolutions of the fall of regimes will not lead to good.These are provocative attacks aimed at unleashing inter-religious wars.Remember the story.What happened in the Middle Ages during the Crusades?Remember the history of our country after the revolution, when they beat the heads of the people that religion is opium.

  6. The “radicalism” of Islam in Iran is multi-nationalism and multi-confessionalism, it is tolerance for other people's faith and a willingness to co-exist with a foreign country. This country is intolerant only to one thing-to humiliate its dignity, to disregard its opinion.

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