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    1. Any revolution, at all times, is actually a reactionary response of a part of the elite to truly revolutionary changes in the state. Moreover, the changes must be truly large-scale and fast enough for some of the top management to feel that they don't have time and will simply go down the drain tomorrow. This is the beginning of the first coup, which in fact breaks the legitimacy of the government and opens the way to chaos. This is a classic. Everyone should know this

    2. Any orange revolution is visually well identified by a number of colorful actions. Beautiful flags with a fist, aggressive ideological pumping, aggressive rhetoric for all the good against all the bad, there the manual is not thick, it does not contain much variety.�

    So to the question. According to claim 1, nothing like this is noticeable. According to item 2, we have only Bulk available. But it's kind of sluggish and inactive. According to the instructions, this is not how it should work. Total, while the revolution is not noticeable

  1. No. There won't be a 100% revolution. There were 2 revolutions in Russia in the 20th century. In fact, every generation of the 20th century experienced a catastrophe: 1917, 1939-45, 1991. Russia's recovery rate is not very high. We are not the Federal Republic of Germany, where 80 million people live on a piece of land. We don't really like to change. There is even a saying “A Russian harnesses for a long time, but goes fast”. while it turns out to go only on themselves, Sev Caucasus, Ukraine and ears to each other.

  2. Do you think that something will change after the change of power?The Russian people are ideal for exploitation as slaves.(not all,but the lion's share)the mentality of the people needs to be changed!

  3. Obviously, there will be no revolution, the race is not yet ripe for this. Especially under Putin, the entire army and policemen, they will quickly shut up and disperse everyone.

  4. If there is a revolution, it will be sudden (not in March 2018), meaningless and merciless. And the reason for it, as it often happens, will be some minor stupidity of the State Duma, for example. And then the people “burst”.

    But I don't believe in the real possibility of a revolution.

  5. There can be no talk of any revolution. The masses are too fragmented,there is no common leader,no common idea .
    And the level of dissatisfaction is not so high as to take such risks.
    Well,in the end, the current government is supported by a large part of the population.

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