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  1. Of course, no science is true.

    Mathematics studies formal systems – what can be inferred by a particular set of inference rules from a particular set of axioms. However, not all sets are of interest. Many are interesting because they can serve as models for our world. Internally, these models may be consistent, which is almost equivalent to being true, but not completely.

    Physics does not claim to be true. It produces models of the world. Coinciding with it in some approximation and not yet refuted. But as in mathematics, not all models are suitable. Our world is some kind, not any, anything will not do here.

    But science is the last resort. We have nothing closer to peace. Nothing that gives a better result than science. And this is understandable, because science is “what gives the best result.” Show us a better way, and we'll call it science.

  2. The sciences are not true in either the first or the last distance. No science whatsoever. The truth, or essence of the universe, is laid down in the Providence of God, that is, in the plan of the Creator. And this plan is much broader and deeper than the knowledge of exact sciences, which even the laws of nature have not described everything. But there is still a vast, immeasurable space of the spiritual universe.

  3. I don't think so. These sciences are man-made. But the world is made up by Nature or by God, and man himself is a part of nature. Therefore, it is not man who dictates the laws of nature, although he notices some of their properties. But that doesn't mean that what we currently know is true.:
    “that it can never change.”
    “that these laws are the same at all points in the universe.
    – that a higher power will not decide to change everything at some point.

    Therefore, the laws described by man are only observations and conjectures of man, but not the true laws of the universe.

  4. In the vicinity of a black hole, for example, Euclidean geometry does not work. �The geometry there is non – Euclidean. �But this is also geometry.

    Inside giant black holes, such as our own universe, the laws of physics that we know work just fine.

    They don't work inside small black holes. �Not physics doesn't work, modern theory doesn't work. We can only simulate the Big Bang starting from a fraction of a second. Before that, the density of energy(matter) is too high for modern theory.

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