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  1. The answer is boring and banal: now.

    There is not a single detail of progress, not even the smallest, that I would be willing to give up for the sake of any ideals. Yes, if you think about it, progress itself is my great ideal.�

    Let's look at it this way: a hundred years ago, my chances of surviving childhood were pretty slim. Child mortality was catastrophic. If five out of ten children survived, it was a great success. But even if you survive your childhood-there are no antibiotics, there are no normal anesthetics, surgery is just beginning, but even a banal X-ray is out of the question. And two hundred years ago, it was even worse.

    But even if you take your mind off of medicine. Getting an education in those days was quite difficult, not to mention the fact that there was very little knowledge as such. Now all knowledge is at your fingertips, never before in the history of mankind has information been so accessible. And I choose knowledge.

    In general, yes, of all times, I choose “now”. Because these are really great times.

  2. Jurassic period, about 200 million years ago.

    You know, I've always wanted to be a dinosaur. But not predatory, like a Tyrannosaurus, but a huge, powerful, invulnerable herbivore. Those who do not eat anyone and are dangerous only for grass and tree leaves. For example, an Amphicelia is 60 meters long, 32 meters high, and weighs 155 tons. Just a beauty! Twice the size of a modern blue whale. She had no enemies at all due to her gigantic size. Amphicelia could afford to live alone. P.S. This beauty looked like a diplodocus.

  3. Fifth century, Foggy Albion.

    Knights, tournaments, no need to shave your legs, travel, edged weapons, long dresses, no need to shave your legs, natural food, genuine human aspirations, no need to shave your legs, equally shitty (compared to the current) standard of living and no need to shave your legs

  4. A distant future with super-advanced medicine, no wars, no poverty, no discrimination, no evil fools, no old age, no death, if it ever happens. Such a future that looking from it to the present present, people were horrified and perplexed, as we are now looking at the centuries of slavery or inquisitorial bonfires.

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