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  1. According to theomism, you can always make mistakes in everything, anyone and everyone can make mistakes. I also advise you to read the manifesto, in which the concept of error is central.

  2. Sure. After all, what surrounds us is much more complex than ourselves. And what's more, it's constantly changing. And since there are many more changes in the world around us per unit of time than in the consciousness of an individual, no matter how smart this person is, he will not have time to track all the nuances of changing reality. It will not have time to respond to it in the most effective way possible. And even a lot of experience will not help here, because the behavior model that was effective in the past becomes obsolete the faster it is applied to a more complex phenomenon. For example, if a sociologist writes a paper explaining real social processes on the basis of some new model that he has created, then the more time passes, the faster this model will become obsolete. Pay attention – not the more (this goes without saying), but also the faster (!)

    Therefore, in order for our behavior model to correspond not to the past, but to the present (we act in the present tense), it is necessary to extrapolate our actions to the future. Planning for the present with all the desire will not work – reality changes every moment. And any planning contains a lot of unknown derivatives. Mistakes are unavoidable here.

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