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  1. I know what you mean. But let's not confuse “black” with “bitter”.

    In general, I agree – the question is relevant. But if you dig deeper, it becomes clear that lies and deception are mixed by specific people. The fact that such “specific” people are full in a separate territory is certainly a problem. But the problem is the qualities of people, not marketing and business.

    In the West, the attitude is different. Businesses are created to produce value for people. And get paid in cash for this value. And the vast majority of companies will let you know in advance whether you will be satisfied with their products. And there is nothing evil in this.

    So I answer: Yes, it can!

    And in our country, this approach is often taken – people pay money for this, so we need to produce it and preferably so that more money falls into my pocket. Very few people think about customer satisfaction. With this approach, if all sellers think so, of course, the picture is completely different, but recently something is starting to change for the better for us.

  2. Just as Ostap Bender knew 400 relatively honest ways to take money from the population, marketing is based on honest tools that push the population to take the necessary actions.

    Moreover, the use of lies and deception in marketing only gives a short-term effect, in strategic terms, it is lies and deception that kills brands.

    Therefore, proper marketing is just generally without lies and deception, it is “relatively honest”!

  3. The question is utopia.�

    In a world without marketing: cars without paintwork, top models without makeup, books without illustrations and shows without decorations:) Marketing creates an illusion where the essence of the perception of the “product”is corrected. There are eyes, ears, and consumer egos that accept or do not accept the spectacle.�

    Marketing is responsible for “bread and circuses,” not truth and falsehood.

  4. Maybe if, for example, the seller's market is established. I.e., the demand will be greater than the supply. In this case, there is simply no need to lie, because the buyer will have to buy what is available, for lack of alternatives. Only in such a situation, they will rather just keep silent about some truth, which in fact cannot be called a lie.

  5. it's not marketing that deceives, it's people. Marketing is just an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, promoting, and delivering a product or service to customers and managing relationships with them to the benefit of the organization. From Wikipedia

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