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  1. You can say anything that is not prohibited by law, but will it make sense?

    The SETI project is looking for signals that could be interpreted as being sent by another civilization.

    I would not put an equal sign between an alien civilization and “signs of intelligent design”, what is “signs of intelligent design” in general? We don't fully understand the concept of intelligence, so how do we know what the “signs of intelligent design”might be? This is what charlatans of all stripes use, for which anything can turn out to be such a sign.�

    Are we falsifying the project? And why should it be so? This isn't a scientific theory. But OK, it's based on the assumption that any civilization that searches for other civilizations in space will use a specific frequency. This assumption can be falsified if civilizations are found that are looking for brothers in mind, without resorting to signals on this frequency. Only the value of such a falsification is questionable, and it seems to me that we will no longer care whether this assumption is true if we meet aliens.

    I will add from the comments, in the light of clarifications:

    Ah, that's what you're getting at. Then you have a poorly worded original question. If you want to ask whether the search for extraterrestrial intelligence can be perceived in the same way as the search for traces of intelligent design by creationists, then yes, this makes more sense than putting an equal sign between them. Indeed, we do not know how another mind can manifest itself, and we can only hope that we will be able to identify it. But there is also a difference. SETI can hope that an alien civilization thinks as we think, while the same hope of those who are looking for traces of intelligent design is shattered by what they have postulated to themselves, that they are looking for traces of a higher mind, that is, one that we cannot understand. In this sense, SETI has a stronger position.

  2. I admit itYes, there was such a thing. . Intelligent design in nature was. And not just one. Twice. The first time was because of a graduate student trainee. She worked here before me. An animal lover. Adjusted the temperature and humidity on your planet so that in a few tens of millions of years, your entire planet was filled with huge fat-assed monsters with bird brains. You called them dinosaurs afterwards. Well, they couldn't have become intelligent. They were living too well. I had to arrange for them to die out (the first intelligent design 65 million years ago), sending several asteroids to the planet. Well, there is already volcanic activity increased by several thousand years. The problem was solved. The graduate student was kicked out, and instead I was appointed inspector of the planet Earth.

    I worked exactly according to the protocol of creating intelligent civilizations, and as a result, about a million years ago, your brain reached the right size. Then your first fire, your first churches, your first cities, your first atomic bombs. Just like people. Everything would be fine. But no. Graduate student again. But now out of your civilization. She picked up the radio telescope signals from our galactic repeater and immediately recognized that they were signals of cosmic intelligence. The signal was named LGM-1 (little green man). How she knew we were green is a mystery to us.

    There was a commotion in the Galactic Center. For some 100 thousand years, homo sapiens guessed the existence of a galactic community of civilizations. It was necessary to quickly replace the repeater signals with pulsar signals from the telescope's field of view. We found a suitable one, turned the rotation axis accordingly, and changed the frequency to simulate repeater signals. So, the second intelligent design led to the discovery of pulsars by humanity. We were forgotten according to Occam's razor. A graduate student won the Nobel Prize for discovering the pulsar PSR B1919+21. I was retired. I miss. Sometimes I show up here to get news.

    We know that SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) scientists have been looking for us for many years. So you don't really believe me. It's all fake.

    On this I say goodbye. Greetings to TQ users.

    Your LGM is 1.

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