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  1. This is not a philosophy.)))

    “Everything is absurd” – absurd.

    Since absurdity and meaning are a property of our reason, which gives things and phenomena meaning to one degree or another, accepting the absurdity of everything, we accordingly reject our own reason, which leads to a paradox.

    In other words, a mind that cannot find meaning in anything is a powerless mind, comparable to its absence.

    “Everything is absurd” is the opposite of ” everything makes sense.” Although sometimes the “reverse” approach works, but apparently not in this case. Because the question generated philosophical nonsense)))

    Perhaps in everyday life this statement can be used, while the absurdity will not appear in its original meaning, but as “little meaning”. However, this is definitely not a philosophy)))

  2. This idea has no future, because you won't be able to take a single step in such a world, if you can imagine it at all. Not everything is absurd, because there are things that make life meaningful, and you will hold on to them if the absurdity becomes more than you can easily bear. If the whole world were absurd, it would not be habitable.

    Camus was wrong, or he exaggerated it on purpose to think through the possibility of living in the absurd. Yes, not everything in the world is controllable, but this is far from being absurd.

  3. The meaning is where the person put his hands. For before doing anything, he reasoned and made a decision to act. Anything that is not man-made has no human meaning.

  4. Sometimes I agree. But this does not confirm the truth of such an idea. It just means that I'm not feeling well at the moment.
    Sometimes I disagree. But that doesn't mean anything either, except that I feel good.
    Confirmation of what truth you want to achieve-depends only on you. But believe me, life will find convincing evidence for any of your beliefs.

  5. Nature is many orders of magnitude more intelligent than a would-be human, so Nature could not create a meaningless absurdity like – our entire civilization.

    Some people may sometimes find something meaningless and absurd – these are very rare exceptions to the general rule-normally, a Knowledgeable Person finds a reasonable explanation for everything.

  6. Partly. There is a meaning in life, and for each individual it is his own. But there are some things that are really absurd and meaningless for me personally, although some people see meaning in them (divine, for example). For example, children who die before their parents-for me it is meaningless and wrong.

  7. Each person's life has only the meaning that he himself fills it with.

    Goal setting is one of the most important functions of intelligence. The search for meaning is its highest form. Perhaps taken to the point of absurdity 🙂

  8. It makes no sense and everything is absurd only for intellectually undeveloped people. In such people, the evolutionary level of development is not much higher than animals, animals. The meaning is in the knowledge of the laws of nature. The laws of nature are eternal and just. Law, cause, and effect. Absurdity, delirium – very popular concepts in poorly developed people.

  9. Everything is absurd in the minds of incompetent people, people who do not understand why they are given physical life, who do not know themselves completely, who do not have a clue about their purpose, who do not know how to set tasks aimed at achieving the goal. There are a huge number of such people. A lack of understanding of the cause of all the troubles on Earth has brought the masses to a critical point. Humanity did not follow the path of development of intelligence, wisdom, and evolutionary growth, but chose the path of degradation. The reason is that the UNTRUTH, which has taken hold of all minds and has become a daily occurrence, a need for millions of social parasites in all strata of society, has brought it to a critical point.

  10. there is a lot of meaning in the world, but also a lot of nonsense, absurdity-it depends on each person what he will give to his life. But even in the life of a person who does not believe in any meaning , there is still a lot that has a reason, explanation, purpose, order, and so on. Even the fact that you asked your question on thequestion website ( questions) – isn't this an indicator of your meaningful action ? Otherwise, you would have asked the stool this question. You do a lot of meaningful things, don't you? agree. Another thing is that you may not see the deep and final meaning in all this – but the whole point may be that you just haven't discovered it for yourself. �
    Personally, I believe in both small meanings and big ones, deep ones, and in the fact that there are still nonsense. Total to choose from.

  11. The blind person fills his world with fictional visual images and his world ceases to be empty and meaningless.

    A person who is capable of perception and analysis finds logical chains for personal reasons in the amount of information that is available to his consciousness. An attempt to bite off too big a piece of the information pie leads to a certain “indigestion” and, as a result, the developing brain will organize the information received to it as best it can, while the degraded brain can also destroy the previously formed ideas about the world, without creating new ones, which makes everything around it seem absurd.

    However, if desired, a person can still organize the world in any way that he considers acceptable.

  12. Your question is written in words that you have chosen and understand their meaning. If it is written and asked by others, then the meaning of the question and the meaning of each word in the question is for you. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to do it. So for one person – for you-the meaning in the question and the meaning of each word in the question is present. I read your question. At first, I understood each word and its meaning. Then I understood the whole sentence. So there is still a 2nd person who saw the meaning in the words:… it's absurd and doesn't make sense.
    But there may be many such readers…means…not everyone is covered by the meaning of your question.

  13. some questions seem very deep and probably it is it all depends on the point of view of a person fed up sees one thing not fed up already another although if you think that the world is such an absurd film then its meaning was laid in that script by its screenwriter and the absurdity is already the meaning of this providence but it is possible that

  14. And what is absurd? An idea is already some formalized phenomenon in terms of content, which means that it cannot fail to make sense at least for the author of the idea. And where do you think it makes sense? In the sky? From aliens?
    The Russian language will always tell you the correct answer: s – thought ( b)…that is, my thought expressed by me in my words. What's the point? In my life. As long as I live, my meaning is there…

  15. I feel sorry for the person who looks at the world and comes up with the idea that everything in the world is absurd and doesn't make sense.

    We ourselves fill our lives with meaning based on the level of our consciousness, which is determined by what we are ready to include in our life. Being determines consciousness.

    But this is a living evolutionary spiral, because one of the meanings of life is the evolution of consciousness itself, which leads to the expansion of what we are ready to include in our lives, and the meaning with which we are ready to fill this life. Changing consciousness changes the level of being.

    Both being and consciousness have the power to change our lives.

    A strong personality is one that defines its existence with its consciousness, meaningfully staying in this world in universal harmony.

  16. Everything in the world is absurd for a person who has “porridge in his head”, there is no system and there is no desire to build this system – by studying the world and people. However, sometimes there is a desire to build your own, convenient only for yourself, system. But in fact, it usually does not correspond to reality. The result is resentment, frustration, and the belief that the world is absurd and meaningless.

  17. I would not say that EVERYTHING is STRAIGHT. But most everyday things don't make any sense. Wars are absurd; having sex is absurd (giving birth to children for the sake of fleeting pleasure, in this regard); siphoning resources from the planet is absurd. It is possible that there is a truth, but it clearly does not want us to know it. An existential trap.

  18. The meaning of life in this world is to “twist experience into tight DNA spirals” – to enrich sensory perception with experience. Therefore, the sun can not fail to make sense, everything in the end is aimed at this.

    Reincarnation theory in this regard is ideal – you perform a lesson for life (dharma), you get an entry in the life log (karma), if the person (atman) has not worked out all the lessons – repeat until you reach nirvana. (Free retelling).

    Terribly logical, if you think about it.

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