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  1. I would call it electrical impulses between neurons in the brain, and a certain field around that acts on external processes. maybe this is in the alien and religious understanding of the soul

  2. NO. Man IS A soul. Г Gogol “Dead Souls”. Everyone understands perfectly well that these are the dead, and not some separate substance called” soul”. The master had 700 serfs ' souls. That is, PEOPLE, not substances. Soul is the Greek word for PSYCHE. Hence, psychology, psychotry-a science that deals with the treatment of MENTALLY ill people. How are they treated? � � Tablets. Drugs that affect the BRAIN…… Следовательно Therefore, the concept of “the soul hurts, the soul groans”, etc . is the BRAIN's REACTION to this or that event. Feelings of joy, sadness, admiration, fear – it's all the WORK OF the BRAIN…..

    • God formed man from the dust of the earth and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man BECAME a living soul. (( Genesis 2:7).

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